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My friend uses the Core Knowledge series to homeschool her 7 kids. She uses the library a lot, she says. She goes through the book and finds library books to go with each topic, then puts them on reserve so she'll have them when she needs them. I'm pretty sure she's way more organized than I am, though. I did get a couple of those books fo supplemental ideas, and have liked the outline that they provide.
Hi Marly, If you're just looking for a preschool type curriculum, www.letteroftheweek.com is one that I have liked. I'm sort of the same way -- I need a curriculum all laid out for me, since if I have to make it myself, it will just never get done. I have lots of great ideas, but just lack the oomph to make it happen. So we buy a curriculum each year, reasoning that it is cheaper than private school, and we can reuse it with each child. For preschool,...
Bummer! I went ahead and baked mine as flatbread. It has a really yummy flavor -- nice and tart. But it didn't rise a bit.
Oh good luck Alisa! Mine is apparently not being forgiving. After 16 hours I have no rising action whatsoever. :
Whew, I made it through this amazing thread! I started a wild starter the other day. Like a couple other people have reported, it seems to separate and have a yellowish liquid on top every morning. Today it finally started smelling "sour" and not just weird. So, I'm trying some bread. I mixed it up and am going to let it rise in the oven overnight (oven is off now, but I turned it on for about a minute to get some warmth in there). I've got my fingers crossed that it...
Ok, thanks for the input. I think I'm going to skip it this time, what with the hard time I'm having making a decision. I do appreciate everyone's insight and opinion, though, thanks!
Thanks for the responses. We're in Utah, but having just heard back from her, it sounds like she only has a day or two (maybe) of being contagious left. So, I'd have to go over tomorrow if I decide to. I'm pretty sure she's had it confirmed by a doctor, but I know that many rashes can seem like measles, that's true. I'm kind of thinking that since I'm fairly undecided it may be best just not to do it. I'm still interested in any more opinions, though. And I...
My insurance company sends me notices that my children have missed and need their vaccines too. It's annoying. :
I ff'd both of my babies. Since they were adopted, I also had to vax them up to six months (ie. finalization). But I would absolutely not vax while ff'ing if I were given that opportunity. You can add Baby Jarro (or other baby probiotics) and Vit C to formula to help boost their immune system if you need to. But, like the PP said, it really only becomes an issue if you child is exposed to the disease(s).
So why would you not expose? I'm curious, not looking for argument, I promise. I'm quite undecided so I don't mind hearing reasons on both sides. Some thoughts I've had are that it is probably not necessary to expose since it is pretty rare these days, and I'm not sure I want DH and I to get it as adults. I'd be willing to bet our vax immunity is worn off by now. But then there is also the thought that natural immunity is SO much better, and we may not get the...
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