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He's worn my BH, but complains he doesnt have enough padding and she is uncomfortable...
*nods* I'm also pumping at home if she goes more than 2-3 hours without feeding, or during her 2AM feeding (she usually only eats one breast, so I pump the other). I have my own office, but I started looking into it, when I first got pregnant. My old bosses (I switched positions at my company) were already offering up their offices 2-3 times a day (each boss).
K cup here. I have to say...football hold saved me... I *can* nurse in cradle (in fact I often due when we are out in public) but with my breast size I can literally put her on my lap, and drop my breast into her mouth and she can nurse facing up...and have a boob blanket... Not the way a c cup would nurse, but it works for us.
Oh and on using Nipple Shields...as one of my friends (and my LC said): "Nursing with a nipple shield is better than not nursing...." She also commented most babies tend to start dropping it on their own around 12 weeks.
I believe there are 3 sizes of shields. I have extremely large breasts (I wear a K cup) and had very fiberous flat nipples when I first started nursing. Add that to my breast being bigger than DD, and it took awhile... Stick with it! Is the pain breast or nipple centered? Is it under the breast or all over? I've found I get a tugging pain (like pulling on a nerve) along the whole underside if I have a hard letdown. Nipple pain when she isnt latched on right, so I...
Do you get any "15 minute" breaks? Lunch? I'm planning on pumping every 2-3 hours, as well as nursing when I drop her off, and when I pick her up.
DD is now...8 weeks old (9 on wednesday!) She's never been supplimented however, we started trying to get her to take a bottle (from DH or family/friends) around 4 weeks old. She has a REALLY hard time doing it, and I'm terrified of when I go back to work. She actually just screamed/held out for 3 hours while I went to get my hair done this last week. Right now I nurse on demand for her, and we dont have any supply issues I'm aware of (I can pump 4 - 10 oz in a sitting,...
I had the problem with my left breast. I pumped after every feeding on that side for awhile. I was already pumping every 3rd feeding or so to build a freezer stash.
I'm a 22/24 on top and a 18/22 ish on the bottom (depending). I've been looking for cute maternity clothes in my size since I'm starting to show... Any suggestions?
I knit, but I havent had the energy or concentration to pick up my sticks in the last 13 weeks.... I'm hoping that now that I am rolling into the second trimester I will be able to.
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