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Love This!!    I am a momma to 3 babes and a wife to one guy.  We live in Northern Michigan and as soon as Mother Nature decides to warm it up and melt the mounds of snow (really hard winter this year)  we want to expand our garden.  We compost and have for years, just installed rain barrels last year and have had a garden for 3 years now.   This year we want to expand our garden with more veggies and this fall learn to can.     I remember the Green Challenge and was...
Do you have a front loader or top loader washing machine?   I now have a front loader and found out after we bought it that you can't strip diapers in front loaders so here is what I do...   I turn up the hot water heater, fill the bathtub.  To the water I add 2-3 good squirts of Dawn a cup of vinegar and 1 god shake of baking soda.  Put the diapers and inserts into the tub.  I go in and "stir" the diapers in the tub after a while and let them soak until the water...
Love my Ergo!!
If you can pay through PayPal that would be great! The total is $60 and the PayPal account is vaman_30@yahoo.com. Once I receive payment I will send them out to you. Will you pm men your address please. Thanks so much
Yes they are!
Thanks beebalmama!! I have practical paleo and I love it! MonicaS thanks I will check it out
Grain free/Paleo mommas out there?  I am a recent vegetarian gone paleo-ish.  Looking for some recipes and some advice about baking with almond flour and coconut flour :)
I "liked" on facebook.  My kids made this snowmen family, modeled after our own family :)  Would love to see this as a card!!
We also use Num nums. I said it one day and it stuck!!
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