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I have 12 Fuzzi Bunz size petite. These are an older version and fit leaner babes. All in GREAT condition, little to no stains. Each pocket diaper comes with a liner and additional microfiber towel. $5 for each diaper or $50 for all 12 diapers.
Our Nutritionist uses cold laser therapy (not sure if this is exactly the same thing) but it has helped clear allergies I have had.  I thought it was crazy at first!!  Recently i had a reaction to chili peppers, VERY PAINFUL, after seeing the nutritionist and using the laser I was cleared of the allergy.  I healed quickly from the nasty rash and have full faith in this treatment.
Brantley was born 12/14, he is just over 7 months old.   He has 2 teeth, rolling and "crawling" (without using his legs).  EBF but has had some egg yolk and avocado and is 20.4 pounds.  Loves to watch his brother and sister :)    
We  formula fed our first 2 babies and with #3 I am nursing.  We ended up getting stranded this winter at a friends house and it was nice not having to worry about formula and bottles.  It was an easy decision to stay bc i could feed our LO with mommy milk!   At first I was worried about traveling and breastfeeding but now I don't even think about it, it just comes naturally!!
We love Badger sunscreen and cute fun sun hats!  Melanie Mayo I'll have to try the Badger bug dope 
We have Eden Raine dd, Brett Edwin ds1; Edwin for Great grandfather and Brantley Albert ds2; Albert for other great grandfather.  I always liked Meadow and Ada for girls.  Boys I like Ari, Ryder, Kellen.  My name being Autumn was very unusual when I was growing up, now it's pretty common.
This year we are concentrating on living within our means and simple.  Buying second hand etc.  I was doing really well with this and the last July we came into some money and paid off house, car, credit cards, we have a small loan from our remodel but it's under $7,000.  We kind of went spend happy, although we did buy things second hand it was still things we didn't have to have.  So this year I want us to get back to living simple.  
Brantley Albert was born December 14, 2012 at 6:20am.  By far my longest labor out of all three of my little ones, 19 hours.  At a routine check up with the Dr at 10:00am Thursday(12/13)  morning I was dilated a fingertip and still had a thick cervix.  Dr tried stimulating it so I would thin out a little. After the 20 minute drive home I started contractions, after timing and talking with hubby and Dr we decided to go to the hospital at about 2pm was dilated to 1-2cm by...
Hubby's prediction is 12/16.  I wouldn't mind that, EDD 12/28/12 baby #3.  Recently I have had dreams baby is a girl but we found out in August that he's a boy.  lol  I hope he makes his appearance very soon.  Dd was evicted 2 days over due, Ds came 10 days early on his own.  I know it's best to keep him in until he is ready but I am getting anguish!!  Good luck to everyone!!
A friend gave us a wooden balance bike her kids wouldn't ride.  My son LOVED it and rode it for the last 2 years.  This summer he was able to ride a two wheeler without a problem, no training wheels or help he just jumped on and rode!  
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