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I am so glad to see that I am not the only one that does this. I try to assign a dinner for each day but sometimes feel like something different. This way it is a lot easier to shop and plan.:
Quote: Originally Posted by Athena's Mommy Oh yeah, and my MIL also believes that cereal in a bottle before bed helps them sleep...never mind that I told her several times we are strictly BFing for at least 6 months...is this cereal in a bottle a generational thing or what?? I had a discussion like this not to long ago with a group of older women I know well. I was feeding ds cereal with a spoon and 4 out of the 6 women said I should put it in...
Ds is 5 months old and sleeps with us at night in a porta-crib right up against my side of the bed. For naps I have tried to put him in his regular crib but he seems to sleep much better in the living room with all of us out here. Dd sleeps with us at night and if she does nap it is with me, whe is almost 4 so she is out growing naps.
Thank you ladies for all of the help. I realize I need to treat her like I would like to be treated and not force her to do tasks. I appreciate all of the feedback.
I have taken both of my children to a chiroprator, dd started at 6 weeks and ds started at 3 days old. The adjustments have helped teething, allergies, congestion etc, rather than medicating right away. we have escaped ear infections and colds with little or no meds. try it.
I have taken a love and logic class through our church and found it to be helpful. I am getting to a point where I am getting tired of the disrespect. Dd will be 4 in August and I can't believe the way she talks to me sometimes. I am hurt that she says these things but also I have not raised her to treat people this way. She does it more to me than dh and I think it is a test for her to see how I will react, but I won't stand for it. The sassy mouth, saying things...
I am in Houghton Lake.
My bil worked at GNC and gave us vitamins for Christmas to fit our lifestyles. Knowing I am pregnant and going to nurse he gave me DHA tablets. Unfortunatly he started a new job and has not been in the area to ask him questions about the product, so I am turning to you ladies for help. Do I start the supplement now or wait until I start nursing. I know they put DHA on formula but is it safe to start now or wait? TIA!
Quote: Originally Posted by Kiltie Girl I know I don't post here very often, but I thought I'd stop in with a hello and a question. Our youngest son has been diagnosed with diary, soy and corn allergies. The pediatric dietician suggested goat's milk as an alternative for him. I'm looking for a dairy goat farm that is selling the milk in the area. Does anyone know about one? Thanks! I have a little boy that comes to my home daycare and...
Does anyone have suggestions about tea? What kind(s) of tea are ok to drink while pregnant? any suggestions??
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