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Autumn baby #2 due 2/17
After 2 years of trying for baby #2, I took a home test last night and I'm Pregnant!!! I've only been a part of this forum for a short time, but I do believe you gals are good luck! You are all in my thoughts and prayers on your ttc journey. I will keep in touch!! Thanks for the love and support!!
Thanks for all the warm welcomes, glad to be here and meet all of you. What a great group of support.
Dh and I have a beautiful 2 yo almost 3yo dd. It took 7 months after I stopped the pill to get pg with her. We started ttc for #2 a month before her 1st b-day and so far no luck. : I did find out in November I had a couple of cysts, so my Dr put me back on the pill to regulate my cycles and get rid of the cysts, that was for 4 months. We have been ttc again since Fedruary. My last 2 cycles were normal for me and this month I am going long again. I know af is on her...
Anyone out there that uses Mommy Cloths and Diva/Moon Cup? A little leary, I know it will save $ and paper and way better for the earth, just need some comforting advice. Thanks! Everyone is doing great with the challenge. Heres what our family does: Recycle Line dry Compost Pile Natural/homemade Cleaning Products No paper cups, plates, reuse plastic silverware Pay bills online Buy local and Organic produce and products CFL Lightbulbs
anyone else waiting to test or for af? I dislike waiting a lot!!
Our Family: Recycles Clothes line dry clothes uses Library Uses canvas bags for some shopping Eat organic and local when available Uses homemade cleaning products Launders in cold water Washes Clothes/dishes only when we have full loads pay bills on line Future Plans: Compost pile Use Canvas bags all the time next baby CD/BF use moon cup and cloth feminine products I would like to give a BIG for all our efforts in making our world greener!
Quote: Originally Posted by sweetirishCT : subbing.. some really great ideas here, ladies!! keep em coming!! Any of you who are off-grid, how did you convince your SO?? DH was raised in a family SO FAR from natural living, that I feel like every idea takes some SERIOUS convincing to talk him into trying it... For example, his counter to solar panels is that we will never recoup the cost of putting them in, and when I push using less fossil fuels, he...
DD became interested in using the potty at about 16mos, it only lasted a short time, well she is now 2.5 yo and is starting to go a little more each day on the potty. Right now we are encouraging her to use the potty b/c she wants to go to school, so we tell her she has to use the potty before she can go to school this Fall. It seems to be helping. The last 2 days she has actually wanted to sit on the pot and go rather than in her pants. I agree, we don't force her to...
[QUOTE=booja's mom;7549554] I need a Tim Hortons coffee so bad /QUOTE] ME TOO!!! I grew up near Detroit and we would cross the boarder a lot. Also I have a dear friend that lives just outside of Windsor and we visit her once a year. Just before I moved from Detroit Tim Hortons came to Michigan and I was so excited. In Northern Michigan where I live now, we don't have Tim Hortons and I miss it.
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