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Thanks for the invite I joined today.
Thanks for the invite, I'll see you there!
Hi, I'm Autumn and I live in Northern Michigan with my dh, Jason and beautiful dd, Eden. I use to visit MDC quite often, but took a break. I'm back for good and glad to be here. I have a home daycare and love it. Dh and I are ttc baby #2. I enjoy natural living and learning new things in that area. I enjoy Yoga and recently began making hemp jewelry. I am extremely passionate about Environmental issues and try to get more of my friends involved and others as well. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Earthy Mama I found it very informative. My only problem with it was that Al Gore flying all over the damn place. How much gas and oil did he use giving his 1000s of speeches? Dh and I watched it last night and we said the same thing. I found it to be informative also. Today I turned on the Discovery Chanel and the Tom Brokaw special about Global Warming was on, I found it to have a lot of the same info as...
Hi! Dh and I ttc #2 for 13 months. After a miscarriage last summer I saw my OB and found out after an ultrasound I had some cysts so I went back on bc for 6 months to "jump start" my system. The cysts are gone so this is my second cycle off bc and hoping for a babe soon. Glad I found you to support one another through this time.
It's been a while since I've logged on to MDC, but I saw this thread. I live in Houghton Lake, MI and am looking for some AP moms to get together with. AP Moms are pretty scarce around here. Just wanted to say Hi and glad I found you.
Thanks so much for all the advice. Yesterday after naptime things stgarted again. By things I mean, the telling me No when I asked her to do something, throwing toys, hitting and yelling at me. I did redirect her in some situations and in others guided her to her room and calmly said, "When you are ready to talk to Momma nicely your door is open and you can come out." That actually worked, at first she told me to go and I said that was fine she could have time alone,...
Thanks so much for all your help! You mama's Rock!
I am also in the 2ww. I misscarried in July and this is the only my sewcond "normal" cycle. Praying for all!
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