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My dd turned 2 in August and it seems like she has turned into a major brat. I never wanted to spank my children but I have actually been pushed to that point. When I have spanked her, like earlier today, she turns around and hits me and says, "No Mama, I pank you" as she is crying. We have tried timeouts and she will not stay put in that spot or in her room. Today I switched the door knob on her room to lock from the outside so she would have to stay in her room...
Quote: Originally Posted by rowansmomma Oh man......I'm having the same problems.....to the point where I have spanked him. I DON'T WANT TO SPANK MY CHILD!!! I feel like a hypocrite because I SAY that I don't believe in spanking, I tell my parents (when I'm venting) that I don't believe in it.....yet I did it the other day!!! I admit, my anger got the best of me, I'd just had it. This is what took place tonight at bedtime. I just had it and...
I'm glad I found this group! When ttc dd we stopped bc and 7 months later I was pregnant. We've been sort of trying since Jan 06, and seriously trying for the last 3 months. I looked into charting, and I don't think it's for me, I would obsess way to much. I figure it'll happen when it's ment to happen. I am trying not to think about it so much and just let nature take it's course. Good luck to all!!
I hear you! I m/c last month. Now I am 7 days late for AF, took a teat and a faint line showed after a few hours of sitting. With DD I was 10 days late, 6 neg urine test and finally went to get a blood test and found out I was pg. We have been trying or #2 since Oct. 05, tried for DD for 7 months. I'm getting discouraged b/c I want to be pg again. We are leaving on vacation today, gone til Friday, so I am going to go and relax and enjoy myself and not worry so...
Does anyone else have a toddler biteing her/his finger nails or skin around nails? I bit my nails as a kid but not that young I was 6 or 7yo. I don't bite my nails anymore, DH does occationally. DD has bit/irritated the skin around her thumb nails to where they are bleeding. Any suggestions as to why she may be doing this or how to get her to stop? Thanks!
Dd and I love Jack Johnson, especially the CG soundtrack. Eden asks for Jack all the time. GReat to find other moms and kids that like him too. My friends call it my Hippie music, but I still love it.
Hi everyone, I would like to join this tribe. DD is going to be 24 months on the 31st and for the last month wants nothing to do with the potty. She was doing great and now only wants to put her babies on the potty. It will be nice to have support from other Mama's going through this phase as well.
I work at our local Health Dept and work as the Imms secretary. When I read this I asked one of the nurses and looked at the vax info inserts. I also read in our policy book that thermisal is not used in any vaccination. It use to be but no longer is. This is in the state of Michigan don't know about other states. My neighbor waited to vax later and has had no problems. On some vax there is an age limit and dosage issue check with your Dr about that for your 12 yo.
I paint my 21 month old dd's nails. My mom gave me some polish called Pawlish by OPI. It is actually made to paint your dogs nails. Oh Please!!! I like it b/c it is non toxic and dries in less than a minute and only needs one coat. Tried painting dd finger nails but in a day it was wore off and looked awful so we stick to the toes. she loves it and I got her ears pierced at 2 months, so I just have tattoo's and other piercings to worry about.
Quote: Originally Posted by ani'smommy I have just started taking Ani to the potty every 30 minutes or so. I just say "Okay, time to sit on the potty!" If she really doesn't want to, I don't make her or anything, but she usually likes to sit there. I did/do the same thing and Eden is really doing well. She has her days when she says no but really for the most part is doing well. She just realized that her friend Seth, a 3 yr old boy,...
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