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http://www.facebook.com/groups/251132278266848/   Rodeo Mama~here is the link to our facebook page.
We have Eden Raine, Brett Edwin and new baby will be Brantley Albert!!   Love Cedar James!!  
I am in Houghton Lake about a half hour from you!  Welcome!!
P.S. we are headed to TC tomorrow!  ;)
I am in Houghton Lake and make weekly trips to Gaylord for the kids to horse back ride.  We are less than an hour away.  I have heard wonderful things about Kathi Mulder and if dh was on board for home birth that is who I would choose.  I do have a facebook page called Crunchy Mommas of Central Michigan and we try to meet or playdates.  Ask to join and I'l add you!!  Glad you posted! 
MDC name: edensmama Real name: Autumn EDD: 12/28/12 Baby # 3, boy Really want a home birth but can't convince hubby, so I guess it's hospital
I am experiencing this as well.  This pregnancy not only do I  feel heavy belly but my hips are sore as well.
All the time!!  I have been told so many times just to schedule a c-section the week before and be done.  I just smile politely and say "Thanks for that thought but that's not how I roll!"  Are you getting it too??
We have dd Eden Raine, and ds Brett Edwin, I missed carried 18months ago and both dh and I believe it was our baby named Meadow!  It does seem to get harder with each baby but we have lists going.     Girls: Ada Jane or Willow Bliss   Boys: We have such a hard time with boy names, Brantley Albert (Albert is Dh  grandfather on dads side, just as Edwin for ds is for dh's maternal grandfather   I like older names and unique, dh likes strong boy names and...
We have the same due date!!  
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