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Congrats to you!!
I feel for you!  Here's what I've been experiencing; I was/am a veggie myself, this is my 3rd pregnancy and I am having a huge issue with food texture.  With my other 2 pregnancies I wanted meat but the sight or smell of chicken made me sick.  This time, I can't eat hummus, veggie burgers, meat, tofu it all makes me sick to my stomach!!    The only thing that I can tolerate is pasta, fruit, veggies, and eggs.  I do crave tuna fish but limit myself to one can a week....
  Best Friends!!
Thank you everyone for all the support, but after last night's very painful cramping and heavy bleeding, I believe I am no longer with child. 
Stephanie       Update:  The pink mucus has turned into full on bleeding with light cramping    I went to the Dr today and got blood drawn, I have to wait until tomorrow to get results.  The Dr was optimistic, me not so much  .  I have had a lot of heavy bleeding the last few hours and I just have an empty feeling.
I started spotting yesterday and it has continued into today.  I never had spotting with my other 2 pregnancies.  I am very nervous and I called the Dr's office.  I was told as long as I am not cramping and it is not bright red blood it is normal.  I have a pinkish mucusy discharge when I wipe.  Anyone else experience this?  I have an appt on Wednesday.   I am trying to take it easy and not pick up ds so much.  I am just so worried!! 
I just found out that I am pregnant with baby #3.  My first pregnancy I didn't eat much meat then my second pregnancy all I wanted was meat and now with this one, no meat....maybe it means it's a girl    We seem to be doing quite well right now, my 6 yr old dd decided she doesn't want to eat meat right now and i am ok with that.  I have made meals and made meat on the side so dh and ds can add to there plate if they like.  This seems to work dh and I am glad.  Thank you...
Thank you Lexi, Congrats to you too!!
Just found out today we are expecting baby #3 in September 2011.  So excited!! 
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