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We are a little to no junk food household. We have food allergies so that works as an excuse to people that offer junk food to us. My kids love veggies and fruit, although I did crave "junk food" while pg with ds we've gotten over it and now back on track with whole foods.
Right there with you. Dd is 5.5 yrs and the drama, oh where do I begin? The latest accusation is that we "love her brother more and never yell at him it's only her that gets yelled and she didn't want to be born first!" My bff's dd is 15 hours younger than my dd and she is into the eye rolling and tattling phase of this behavior. It's nice to know we are not alone and have each other to chat with. As far as a solution I take each day at a time and if things get way...
For almost a year now we have had dd off of dairy and her behavior changed for the better. Now we are having blood tests and allergy test done by our DR ( he's a chiroprator/naturalist). Dd's behavior has gotten worse once again and am wondering what else she could be allergic to. I have read the book "Is This Your Child?", by Doris Rapp and pretty much figured out the allergy on my own. DD is 5 and she gets very verbally and physically violent when she consumes dairy....
Thanks for all the help. I bought a set and I use all of it, plus the set came with a untensil I needed/wanted so it worked out great. Thanks again for all the input.
can I recycle the old set? I don't want to throw them away, any ideas?
My baby boy turned 2 yesterday!
Thanks for the help Katie T. I just looked the set up online at my local Wal-Mart and the set is on sale for $129.
We have a natural gas stove. I cook chicken, pork, fish, veggies, pasta, big breakfasts. Yes we are trying to expand our family. Thanks for the help.
For towels I use hot water and 1/4 to 1/2 cup of pure amonia, with vinegar in the rinse cycle. My towels come out so soft and fluffy. it may take a few washes to get the other soap out but it will work.
I am buying new pots and pans and don't know the best way to go. I have had my Te-Fal set for 7 years (wedding gift), but I would like to get a new set, any suggestions? Also what do I do with the old set, is there a way to recycle these? They are pretty used and non stick coating is starting to chip which is not good to cook with. Thanks in advance.
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