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Glad you decided to join.
We like Lori Burkner band, Bob Marley;B is for Bob, GoFish is really upbeat;Party like a preschooler and Snazy-Christian based. Jack Johnson is another favorite.
Great thread! I am so glad i found you my frugal sisters. We live in a small town and although some people live frugally others look at us like we are just plains nuts. I love the frugal life and glad I found this thread to share ideas and support.
We use hooked on phonics for reading. I have used the hop workbooks for math as well. I love Charlotte Mason Method, and incorporapte her methods into our teaching. We have enrichment days with a homeschool group in a neighboring town. Right now I am working on the basics, counting forward and backward to 100 and recognizing #'s. ABC's writing and sounds. Some spelling. We are starting addition on Monday. Reading at the kindergarten level with hop. Devotion and...
My dd is 5 and after a year of dealing with tatrums like that and violent behavior we realized that she has a dairy allergy. Any kind of dairy product made with cow or soy milk sends her into these tantrums. I discovered this after reading the book "Is This My Child?" by Doris Rapp. This book showed me that behavior is a big part of food allergies in children. Dd also suffered from chronic urinary tract infections and once we removed the dairy from her diet she has not...
Shortly after I read this post the kids and I went to visit my aunt. After a while she brings some toys up out of the basement for the kids to play with, and low and behold it's Barbies with this HUGE barbie camper thing. Instantly my dd and 2 yo ds start diving into the Barbie pile. I was very proud b/c dd looked at each Barbie and ended up pushing the dolls to the side and played with the camper and the stuffed animals. She would rather play with other things than...
Thanks for the welcome back!
I feel the same way you do about Barbie. I have a spouse of a relative that buys dd Bratz dolls every year for Christmas, and I end up giving them to a toy drive. I would talk to your dd about the Barbie and expalin that iit is make believe and although it may be fun to play with her at daycare it's really not an appropriate toy. Our kids have mostly wooden, educational, natural toys as well, most of their friends do as well so I don't have to worry about that so much. ...
glad you are here!
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