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Hi everyone! It's been awhile since I have made an appearance in some time. I am now back full force. I live in Northern MI with my wonderful husband and 2 beautiful children, Eden Raine 5 years old and Brett Edwin almost 2 yo. We live a very green and natural life. WE are a homeschooling family and love it. I look forward to making some great friends on this journey we call motherhood. Peace
Our ds is 17 mos and we continue to add signs to his "vocabulary". It's important to start not when to start.
Mine were blue until about 7yrs then slowly turned hazel/green. Dh's are stormy blue. Dd had blue and since about 2 have changed to green. Ds's are stormy blue like daddy's.
We call dd, peanut, Ede (her name is Eden), Lu-Lu, Sissy. Ds is bubba or dude or Bretty Eddie (his name is Brett Edwin). Dh is Bubby, daddy or babe.
We are starting our first year of homeschooling with our soon to be 5 yr dd. I fell in love with SCM education and wass wondering if anyone else has used this method? Looking for advice and suggestions.
I am trying to start a Northern Michigan chapter for Holistic Moms Network. I live in a rural part of Northern Michigan and see a need for AP, Natural living, Holistic moms group in this area. Anyone that is interested in helping me set up a group in the area please let me know.
I have recently started practicing yoga again. I have started out with my prenatal DVD's to ease back into it. I wish there was a place to practice where I live. The community center has offered some classes but they are very basic and I am past that, I need a little more of a chalenge. I am going for Yoga in the morning and a nice walk in the evening. Dh and I are ttc baby #3 and I would like to shape up a little before I am pg again. I would love to practice...
Thank you so much for all of the help. Hubby is setting up the clothesline this weekend. I really NEED my compost bin built. I had such a great one at our other house. The ducts and furnace are only 5 years old windows are new and efficient. We just purchased a new stove and refridgerator, enerrgy star we are off to a good start, we just had all of this already at our rental so I feel I am starting from scratch. But at least now we own this...
We just moved into a new home last weekend and I am doing my best to green the place. Our old home had wood floors, CFL lights, energy efficient appliances, well insulated, electric thermostat. I feel so over whelmed, where do I start. I have already changed over all of the light bulbs and we are looking for a newer energy efficient oven/stove. This house was built in 1975 and has had many updates but it was an older gentelman that lived here and there was not a lot...
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