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"Personally, I would never use midwifes like these ones were. Would use midwifes that are legal more then non legal ones and I would never give birth at home now since what happen in this story,period. Would give birth at neither free standing birth center or alternative hospital birth center or hospital birth center. " I don't think this case should influence your feelings so much about home, hospital, birthcenter. Even if she had been an "unassisted birth" at...
She chose them to provide care at the birth. They did vag exams, perineal massage, used a doppler to listen to heart tones.... Afterward they gave her a gatorade enema (huh?) fed her soup with a bulb syringe until she lost conciousness. Four hours after baby born, and apparently quite a long time after she was no longer concious, they called 911. She would be better off with no midwife than these two pretending to be. Seriously, she would have been.
I think its late sixties-early seveties. I think maybe not US as not in delivery room or birthing room. Cloth gowns..... two comments- baby doesn't look so hot. Limp, not really breathing.... mediolateral episiotomy---- OUCH
http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=272121 Though I think that this was FAR from an unassisted birth, and the mother might have lived had she been "unassisted" ie - would have done better home alone with a telephone to call 911---
[QUOTE=Chantelhayes] Had she been allowed to dial a phone, do you think she would have let herself bleed to death of a retained placenta? No, I really think she would have lived. Sounds like there was plenty of time to save her life.
I am curious about the now dead woman's mother's contention that there was some sort of desire on their part for the woman to die. She says the father has acted very strangely since the death. He didn't want his wife's body....and has seemed untouched by her death. I actually don't think they wanted to kill her. I think they just didn't want to get "caught" and put their own interest in not transporting her above her interests and were criminally stupid.
I so agree watching this trial. All the evidence makes it look like she truly would probably have lived if she was alone with a phone. It was the fact she trusted her husband, and these two women, to act ih her best interest that kept her from saving her own life. She probably thought they were doing what they needed to do to save her. Yes, I agree, it will reflect badly on home birth. But it shouldn't any more than those rare stories of homicidal doctors and nurses...
They do their own births, own school and now their own defense attornies! If only you could dig your own grave....whoops...I think they have.
Prosecutor "this was not an unassisted home birth" They did vag exams, put olive oil on her cervix?, listened to heart tones, wore scrubs, there is a lot more than that, but they were clearly acting as midwives. Again, paramedics were not called for four hours. I think if she had been by herself with a telephone she would have done better.
I think this woman would probably have lived if she had a competent midwife or even a caring husband. All they had to do was get her to the hospital and she most likely would have lived. I have to say almost CERTAINLY would have lived. These things are very treatable if the patient has not lost all her blood volume already. Her mother is on tv now, and she believes that the husband and the "midwives" ( they don't deserve to be called that ) actually wished the mother...
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