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Hi Stephanie, I think we might be a bit far from each other for a playdate :( I hope you find some moms in your area.
Stephanie, where are you located?
Hi i'm Andrea, Mom of 3 girls moving to the North Kingstown area this week. Love to meet up with anyone in that area. :)
I packed granola bars, nuts, dried fruit, juice, recharge, bananas. Basically snack foods. Then when I was actually in labor I was starving!! Early labor started at about breakfast so I ate 2 eggs and toast. Then lunch came around and I was still having contractions about 7 mins apart that were strong but I was starving so I are a chicken salad sandwich with extra chicken salad on the side, tons of grapes, cheese, lettus, and a few other odds and ends I was stuffed by the...
Fast and furious!! My 2nd birth was exactly the same length as yours. They sound very similar. It's like your done before you realize you started. Your little boy is beautiful! Congradulations!!!
Thanks Jenny! I keep telling myself one day at a time. I hope you get a break with this next one and you get one of those picture perfect easy nursing babes
Thanks ladies for the support and kind words! These past almost 5 days have been rough!!!! Yesterday was a turning point i hope! I had a cranialscacral therapist come to the house first and then a Lactation Consultant.  (kind of expensive BUT when your in pain and exhausted you are willing to pay ANYTHING to sort it out lol)  She is opening her mouth better and lifting her chin better since the adjustment. I could see it immediately!! Then the LC came and fixed my awful...
I was thinking after giving birth this past Monday how many things I have learned from other moms and from my other 2 births.  I thought this could be a great place to share your most critical information about birth with everyone here. Be it technical information, ways to deal with the extreme emotional roller coaster or the mental challenges you will face during your labor and birth....... etc. Even how they deal with the fear that can arise at all stages of labor....
Still trying to check in between learning to nurse and sleeping! I was due Aug 27 with a surprise, TEAM GREEN. A little GIRL arrived Aug 26 :)    Wishing smooth labors and enjoyable hours of nursing to everyone! :D 
Really been trying to write the birth story but things have gotten even tougher here. First the nursing difficulties, I'm still really cut up and nursing leaves my toes curling!!!! But we are making some progress on the right side so it's looking up. But even wirse I came down with a fever on the evening of the second day. Anywhere from 100-102, which gives my the sweats and uncontrollable chill which make my whole body shake. My midwife came to check everything and I'm...
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