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Wow cook!! Wonderful news!!!! You just be thrilled!!! Awesome job learning and advocating for you family.
I'd love some of that energy this way if your up for sharing
Love all the bellies!!! Been meaning to add mine in for awhile now... 39wks, 4days 45 lbs gained so far!!!! Lol feeling REALLY ready to meet this child
Congratulations again!!! Love seeing the pics! Makes me want to meet my babe even more seeing you snuggle and nurse your little bean!!!
Thanks we are still sleeping on it especially since we would like to honor my dad with the middle name and the names just don't compliment each other Why is naming a person SOOO hard
Pulling for you to go as late as possible so you have time to get just a bit settled into your new place!!! I'm doing the same right now and was probably just as far along as you are right now when we moved. So far I'm still pregnant and still unpacking. Crossing my fingers for you!!!
Kail, I'm pulling for you!!!! I remember that stress just a week or so ago. We closed on our house aug 12. I've been effaced for months now so I hope it means you've got a few more weeks to get settled!
Wow Livingsky!  Good luck!!! I can't say i'm not a little jealous :P   I've had every symptom in the book for about 6 days now!!! Lost TONS of plug, on and off contractions and the past 3 days I have been having a nightly digestive clean outs.  Also I have DTD 3 times in the past 6 days :) VERY FUN! But still nothing.  :(    Guess this bean wants to stay in there. 
Wonderful news!!! Congratulations again!!! So great to hear that the nursing is going well, that is my greatest fear.
Ladies thank you so much for your opinions!! Going to try to answer everyones questions from memory... The name Alaric is pronounced much like this Al-are-ick. It is a very old name which is associated with nobility, seems like it means powerful ruler. I think your right about not using a nickname at all and Rick being the worst of all the choices (I really hope I'm not offending anyone). I think if we did nickname, Laric is a great idea!!! Going to sleep on this until...
New Posts  All Forums: