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I think it's strange to do a check for the babies position. My midwife will take about a minute to feel all over my abdomen to find the babies position. I lie still and she pushes and feels around until she is confident she knows where the baby is. She can even tell how deep the baby is as well depending how much of the head/neck she can feel. You could as about that method.
Congratulations!! Sounds like you made the best out of what could have been a no so optimal birth!!! sounds like nursing is coming along well even though your bean is a bit tiny. My oldest was born just a few days before her due date but even so by day 2 she was only 6lbs 2oz. They really are sooooo small at that size and have the tiniest mouths!!!
I really do like the name Adrian. It will sound nice with your older child's name. The hard part will come if you decide to have another child. Since you sort of started a name tradition with this pairing.Serefina goes by Seri ( pronounced Seh-ree) but not all the time. The new baby name has 5 syllables so a nickname should be something we consider since it is a long name. We were thinking Lina or Nina. But then the problem is my first daughters name is Lola! So Lina seems...
My midwife only does them if she has a reason. This is my second pregnancy with her and I have only had 2 checks in total. One during labor when I asked her to check since I was nervous and though I felt the urge to push. I ended up being 10cm dialated. My second check was after a bought of contractions and loss of a large bit of my plug around 31 weeks. She wanted to see if anything was really going on. Turned out my cervix was low, soft and partially effaced. I would...
Being at the hospital must be really challenging emotionally. You sound like your doing an amazing job keeping your head up!! Great to hear he is making great progress.
Jenny: We have a similar worry about a name we have been kicking around. That the endings are too similar. You have Julian and are considering Adrian. I have a daughter named Serefina and I am loving a name that is similarly long and end with "Lina" which sounds a lot like "fina" . Not sure how I feel about the sort of rhyming feel the two names have. Also my first daughters name is Lola, which is short so I don't want her name to stand out as the odd one. Also we don't...
OMGoodness!!!! So cute!!! Congratulations!! Must be a dream come true to have them home right away.
Mountain biking!!!!! Dry underwear totally agree! My own body back! I don't mind sharing the boobs but I rather have the babe out then in. Picking something off the ground easily. No waddling Getting up and down Not feeling fat ( that will take many months) Making love easily. Being so big has made love making a bit more complicated verses a nice relaxing every night/ other night or so activity. And mountain biking!!
Just getting home from ikea. Feeling wiped but the contractions slowed down to a crawl. Also just lost a good chunk of my plug.
I agree. When I'm busy and running around my level of sensitivity to what is going on in there totally decreases.We are at ikea at the moment buying the cheapest dishwasher we could find. All the walking and really long day has made the stretching hip pressure even worse. Then all the walking started contractions, lower back pain and sensations down my thighs. I am currently sitting in the car waiting for my husband to return from the store. Lol things seem to be cooling...
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