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Yes I've been feeling the same thing for awhile now. I tend to carry low, this bean has been head down really deep since at least 30 weeks. It actually made my midwife tell me to get my act together just in case the babe came early. Since i also had a low soft cervix. Guess its just my way i carry since my last babe did the same thing and came at exactly 39 weeks. ( which is next Tuesday for me!!!! OMGoodness!!!)
Same here! Hoping your currently having a beautiful birth.
VC- I can't make any solid name choices either. We have a very long list of names but nothing perfect. I just know when I find the name I will just know. The harder part is that we don't know the sex so we need a boy and girl name!! Lol
Just over this afternoon I've been having somewhat regular contractions that are noticeable and seem to be getting closer together. I don't get many Braxton hicks contractions so I decided to call it a night, get in bed and drink lots of water. I'm 38 weeks today but I would rather wait another week or so to meet this babe!!! Lets hope lying horizontal makes a difference.
Wow I had no idea about the pesticides on the clothes!!!!! That is crazy!!! We just closed on our house yesterday!!! I'm feeling happy, sad and a whole slew of emotions.
The waiting must be making you crazy!!!! Wishing you all the best!
Sending you smooth birthing vibes!
I've been SOOOOO low as well. I never really dropped I just never got high. Lol My midwife had been bit worried I would go way too early as well with some signs we were observing. I think this babe has different plans since I literally have been walking, packing and moving things for a week straight, 8+ hrs a day. All along feeling contractions on and off. Guess I can't walk myself into labor. I really hope this babe wants to wait till 41 weeks to come! I have soooo many...
I started out at tiny 101 or so and was 138 at my appointment on Tuesday. So 37 lbs gained. I'm also 37 weeks. Lol I always gain about 43lbs each birth and this is no different. Guess my body has a set point. My midwife says I need the weight since I was a size 0 when I got pregnant. She see it as healthy and no matter how much I try to gain less even though this is the third babe for me I always gain the same amount and it takes over a year to take it all off again. not...
New Posts  All Forums: