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Pants!! I live in jeans / shorts year round as it is Would you rather have your newborn sleep through the night regularly or enjoy riding in the car?
I'm Sooooooo busy still!!! And I have my 36 week home visit for my home birth NEXT Tuesday!!!! OMGoodness!!!!! I'm sooooooo not ready! We find out Monday at the latest if our house is actually going to sell and our closing date in Aug 12!!! My EDD is a bit over 2 weeks after that but I went a week early with each of my older kids so if the patten holds true ill be having this babe around a week after the house sells. I'm trying not to freak out about this!!! As soon as we...
Soleilmama- welcome!!! I should probably do the same thing for the August DDC since I was originally due September 1 but then they moved my date to Aug 27th and I have a feeling ill go the week before that. But I don't really want to change clubs all together since I've been getting to know everyone here and it would be hard to feel the same way about the Aug DDC so late in the pregnancy.
ItIt seems that the mix from my reading is protein + salt. You need both to keep the liquid suspended in your blood verses it moving out into your extremities. I was having awful swelling and generally feeling not so great until I upped my protein intake and Reilly began salting to taste. It took two weeks for all my swelling to completely disappear and I feel soooo much better overall!! I would recommended reading about the brewer diet to anyone with swelling.
Got mine the other day!!! Swissmiss yours looks beautiful!!
This is my third and I'm having many of the same symptoms. tons of low down pressure combined with the feeling like the babe might fall out any minute. lol I had a day about a month ago now where I had what felt like contractions and then I started loosing bits of my mucus plug. I drank tons of water and knit for about 6 hrs. They subsided and all seemed notmal once again, I called my midwife who offered to check my cervix the next time I came in. She only does checks if...
I buzz using a full length wall mounted mirror. I sit on a towel on the floor and bend and contort myself into odd positions to get all the hair trimmed down. I go between using a very short hair guide and no guide to get things looking tidy. It's not as clean as shaving but she looks and feels cared for afterwards. Also since its been so hot having a bit more airflow down there feels great! Lol
Hugs!!! I hope bed rest does the trick for you!!! Take care of yourself and try to keep your mind clear. Maybe pick up a new hobby while in bed to keep your mind off the worry and pass the time. If you don't know how to knit for example YouTube has great how to videos.
Are you measuring correct for your dates when the ob's checks you? Are you getting enough protein, calories, fluids? My weight gain slowed down for a bit and I was measuring just a bit small because my diet was off. I upped my protein to 75 grams a day, where it should have been all along and upped my calories as well. The next appointment everything was back on track.
I have been feeling this way the past few weeks on and off! I think I might try upping my iron intake like you suggested.The babe can drop into place at all different times and some drop deeper than others from what my midwife was telling me.This is my third and my baby dropped over a month ago,well before 30 weeks! The babe is just getting lower and lower at this point, it feels like if I sneeze the babe is just going to fall out!! Lol When it stretchs I get stinging...
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