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My ds2 turned 1 in on January 1st.  Due to my health, he has been on exclusively donor milk since early September.  Although I am now in remission, I am unable to breastfeed or relactate, so I have to continue to rely on donor milk until he weans.   Now that I am through my treatment, I feel uncomfortable continuing to ask for such a large favor from donor moms in my area, so I would like to start weaning my son from breastmilk altogether:(  I want to keep him on it...
I have a hospital grade pump, and I can try to get some feed tubing - I have a pretty good relationship with the hospital! I have three more rounds of chemo, so I pump and dump during those and I drink it myself when I am on the hi-test antibiotics. I am struggling emotionally, and with the tedium of pumping, but I am just trying to stay in the moment about this as I have with everything else.
Thank you for the replies. It is hard, emotionally and physically. I am pumping and taking More Milk Plus, but I hadn't thought of using one of those lact-aid systems. That might not be a bad idea. I'll look into that.
I was hospitalized suddenly 3 weeks ago and had chemo. My son took to the bottles of donor milk like a fiend. He's been great about not being able to nurse, and my supply has all but disappeared. Now I'm home for a few weeks, trying to get my supply up but he's totally rejecting the breast, and he's all dad all the time. I have three more courses of chemo coming. At my heart's end, don't know what to do.
If I had to go on a high A therapy, how much A is too much in my breastmilk? Baby is 8 months.
Is there an ongoing discussion of raw diets here? I've just started one and I need some help!
It must have been very unpleasant. I'm sorry you had to go through it. I guess I mean that I am glad it worked.
Thanks. I am glad that you had a good experience, rabbitmum. I don't want to debate anyone about treatment choices here, and I will get no shortage of opinions and encouragement like yours from many directions. So let me reiterate: I am looking for feedback from folks who have thoughts or experiences beyond these treatments. I know chemo *works*.
That is all very helpful. I don't even have biopsy results yet so I don't know quite what I am dealing with - I just know that my blast counts are very high. I am nursing an 8mo; this is a huge factor in all of this. Trying to figure out what to do, and what is safe for him. I just get a bad feeling about chemo. ETA: I am now on a strict raw diet, including liver and raw eggs in the morning but no other animal products. I am making smoothies but I have ordered a...
Anyone have any experience?
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