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Thank you both Linda and tri 31.  Both of your replies were very thoughtful and useful.  
"The body is the faithful servant of the spirit it carries".  I love this quote.  I like it much more than anything I've ever heard in AA.  I'm going to try saying this several times before I reach for a bottle of wine.  Thank you.
Is there anyone out there who would be willing to share that they have had problems with alcohol abuse, but do not consider themselves an "alcoholic" -- people who don't like the label???  OR, do you believe that it's possible for some people to cut back on their drinking without going throught the whole "I am an alcoholic" thing?  Please share!   I have a problem but am unsure about the whole "I am an alcoholic" thing,  
http://www.nytimes.com/2011/12/28/opinion/for-the-herds-sake-vaccinate.html   This was an article from the New York Times 12/28/2011 about people who can't get vaccines because they have leukemia or other reasons for having a compromised immune system.  They are protected from getting diseases by those who can be vaccinated, and do so.       "Young babies, the immuno-compromised and people who get chemotherapy are not able to process most vaccinations. Live...
I am totally a believer in going to the dermatologist.     My kids skin was terrible when they were actively using Proactiv.
Quote: Originally Posted by provocativa Hm. Lots of mamas answering here that they wear light make-up, but haven't experienced the no-makeup prejudice. If you wear light make-up, then you're not make-up free. Light make-up is enough of a cultural signal that you accept the cultural reality that women should make-up. It is artifactual communication of that position. In many jobs one can communicate this by only occaisionally wearing makeup to...
I work in Manhattan for a magazine. Although I always wear make-up and feel uncomfortable without mascara on, I have never encountered a prejudice against women who don't wear make-up. I've never even heard anyone say that another woman would look better with make-up. I don't usually think about how much make-up other women are wearing - and often don't know if they are or are not wearing it -except in cases where it's really obvious.
I would let her get the subscription. Sometimes forbidding things backfires and just makes them seem more attractive. When I was a teenager, I knew a guy who loved James Bond novels and his mother didn't approve and wouldn't let him read them. So he collected them on his own and stored them at different friends' houses. Some of the other parents even participated in helping him hide his collection.
I think you should worry about your own kids (If you have them) and not your friend's children.
Nursing a child for 2 1/2 years is, I think, heroic. Your reactions are telling you that you've had enough. Who can blame you?? Honestly, I had that reaction before you did (I only got to age one with both my kids - and I remember feeling like "I've had enough. I want my body to myself now.")
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