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I'm not impressed with the CARES.  We debated getting one for the 6yo but she's too tall.  Instead she just sat in the lap belt and the fit was just ok, not great.  She's 37 lbs.  
We take seats on the plane.  We just flew in December with the three kids and took two seats.  We went back and forth on what to do with the 6 year old, as in May she was very uncomfortable in just the plane's lap belt, but she doesn't fit in any seats that we have.  We ended up just putting her in the lap belt again, but this time DH went with us so she was able to lean on him and sleep.  I FF both kids (2 and 4) on the plane, although I did flip the 2yo back RF on the...
Fleece is great; I live in AK and my kids live in fleece!  More info about the coats in carseats thing: http://carseatsmadeeasy.blogspot.com/2010/12/keeping-warm-and-safe-in-winter.html
I agree, the travel vest is the way to go.  I wouldn't take a seat on a train and long trip; it would just make it harder on yourself. 
Make sure you are measuring like this http://www.car-seat.org/showthread.php?t=30201   All kids are different in terms of torso height versus leg length, so if you take 10 different 36" tall kids, they will all fit differently in seats.  On average, I'd say most kids outgrow the seat around 40".  What size shirts does your son wear? 
I just wanted to add that I recently flew by myself with my three kids, on four flights, and took two car seats.  It's totally doable!  
Gotcha!  I tend to think of slanted vehicle seats as a good thing, when it comes to older kids in convertibles!  Easier to get a nice upright install that way, while leaving lots of room for the front passengers.
What do you mean about your vehicle seats being at an angle?  I didn't have a problem with a Complete Air in a Jetta a couple months ago at a seat check.
That's great it's starting to come back off! I finally broke the five day plateau or whatever it was and I'm down 1.4 lbs in two days! Yay! I see a big difference so far, even though I'm just down 7 lbs. I really want to lose another 7 lbs at least, but I only have another week with the planned 21 day cycle. Is it ok to extend? Do I need to skip a day of drops or anything? Those that have never cheated, wow!! I am amazed at your willpower. I was won over quite easily by...
Oh wow, hi!!  My two youngest were home births and Scarlett was born in Washington :)  It's a good birthday isn't it!     I'm on VLCD13 and I've been stuck at 147 for 5 days now.  I know it's because I haven't been very good about following the protocol :(  DH is out of town working all summer and I am a stress eater... But today when I was getting in the shower I noticed holy heck, my tummy is way smaller.  That 6 pounds made a really big difference.  It was a great...
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