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LOL I would have probably reaacted the same way! I remember when we moved from CA to ID, I packed my good diapers, and used prefolds and wraps on the trip. I was most concerned about those boxes of dipes being stolen from our trailer.
Is anyone bidding at the FFA? I have some bids in on this - http://www.wahmchicks.com/auction_de...uction_id=2826 and this -http://www.wahmchicks.com/auction_details.php?auction_id=2775 . And this- http://www.wahmchicks.com/auction_de...uction_id=2808 I would LOVE to get but I dont have that $ to spend! There are tons of things going for pretty cheap right now!
My dr prescribed me the enzymes back when I still had a pancreas. But since the surgery he said as long as I can eat normally I dont need to take them. I did find some info online that said some helpful supplements are potassium,selenium,vit E,vit C. I cant find the link about that, I saved it on my other computer and its dead right now.
Last Oct, 2 days before Halloween, I woke up puking and in severe pain. I went to ER, diagnoses with pancreatitis. I spent a week in the hospital, not eating to let pancreas rest. Well, to make a long story slightly less long, I was in and out of hsopital 3 times. I spent a total of 2 1/2 months in, only being home 3 days in Nov and 3 days in Dec. I ended up having infected necrosis, which means my pancreas was dead and horribly infected. I had surgery on Dec 26th, and...
I just got a 7 week old golden retriever and he needs a name!
Cheapest place to get a couple dozen flats? Or free ship? Thanks!
Congrats!!!! PICS PICS PICS!
I wouldnt. an old freezer costs a ton ot run. We have 2 new freezers and dont do a thing to our elecric bill.
My hubb and I each had one. Mine was an 87, his was an 88. Geez that's old. LOL Most of the problems we had with them was stupid little things that cost a buck or 2 to fix.
HOw exciting!!! congrats!
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