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Quote: Originally Posted by moondiapers No thanks, when they have it anywhere near here people always get arrested and that'd look really bad for my poor DH (he's in law enforcement). my MIL lives in lakeport. i can say with confidence she would FLIP if the rainbow gathering was anywhere near her.
sadly, no. when they were up here about an hour away (2001) i went. :
i'm lost. what does being a duck have to do with being chinese? why would this be racist? are all ethnic names racist?
Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla Be thankful you didn't insert or remove a Divacup after cutting jalepenos! please tell me you don't have first hand experience with this. that hurts just thinking about it!
Quote: Originally Posted by SquishyKitty I have to get mine done, or else I end up looking like the love child of Bert and a sasquatch. :
about half of HC is working for me. WEE! it's getting closer to being all better. i was going through withdrawals. :
i don't think it is.
Quote: Originally Posted by JessasMilkMama I cant stand her, she looks disturbing! is it the eyeliner? that was a little odd to me. i think she's a doll, though. :
Quote: Originally Posted by mama ganoush but i said no, no, no! thanks! i had just kicked that song out of my head. LOL. :
i was babysitting a little girl and her mom sent her over with veggie booty in a ziplock as a snack. having never seen it, i was SO freaked out. i didn't want to let her eat it because i was sure it was some bizarre mold-laden snack that had been forgotten in her diaper bag. :
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