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Gilmore Girls--can't wait until Season 7 is on DVD so I can buy it!
My ds is 2 1/2 and just recently really started to talk. Once he started, it came fairly fast. He literally went from 0 words to 30 words in a week. He is now putting sentences together and builds on his vocabulary everyday. It was VERY frustrating to have a 2 year old that did not communicate at all.
DD turned 6 mos on the 15th. She is drooling and chewing on everything but no teeth yet. She is also an "invisible" crawler. When I turn around she has moved a little bit, but I never see her move. She moves all over her crib. No teeth, not sitting on her own, not crawling, loves to roll over to her stomach and sleep, still has tongue thrust issues so she doesn't get much food. She's a little princess--she wants attention ALL the time! She's a great night time...
I have never tipped the jars over. I would definitely skip that step!
Yes--as stated many times--it is true, there is still plenty of junk in organic food. However, I feel it is VERY important to support farms that are trying to preserve the earth. The earth can only handle so many chemicals before it won't be able to produce anything. Protect what you can for the future of your children and grandchildren.!
We moved out into a rural community 2 years ago. It has been (and still is) quite an adjustment. I moved where I grew up, though, so that helped with the transition. I now do a lot of internet shopping. I cook all my meals at home and therefore always have a grocery list and shopping list on the fridge. As far as social engagements--dh joined a bowling league, but I am still searching for other sahm in the area. Most people in my area don't parent the same way I do...
What a relief that your baby was ok! I can totally see the same thing happening in our house. It's not horribly messy but there is definitely junk everywhere. It's so hard to keep the house clean when you have kids.
I read somewhere on MDC and also on the WAP website that you can remineralize your teeth by using CLO and butter oil. I always used CLO before but the combo of the BO and CLO is supposed to work. I just started about a week ago but I have already noticed that my teeth are less sensitive to temperature, etc.
I've also read that it's better to hold off on foods if TT is an issue. My dd does the same thing, but every one keeps telling me to continue giving her food. She's 6 mos old! Very frustrating! She uses her thumb to push the food in when I do give her food.
Thanks for all the ideas! I've been having the same issue.
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