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Congrats! Our new little guy is Benjamin, too
Dd1 - 44 months Dd2 - 40 months Ds1 - 26 months (still nursing) Ds2 - 2 weeks so far 110 months total
I've also heard that extensions are not unusual in somebody who has completely dilated. During my second csection, after pushing for 3 hours, my incision extended downward toward my cervix, on one side. The ob who did the surgery told me I should never labor again. When I got pregnant I sought a second opinion and was considered to be a good candidate for vba2c by that dr. Just a little over a week ago I had a successful vba2c .
Just had my second vbac 11 days ago. I've had csection, vbac, attempted vbac turned cbac, and vba2c
Congrats kimble, trisha and sweetpea!
Woohoo. I made it to the postpartum chat thread - I thought for sure I was going to be pregnant forever Day 3.5 pp here and my milk officially, fully came in overnight. I felt fullness starting yesterday morning, but this morning I woke to leaking, hard, painful breasts :/. Thankfully my 2 year old was more than happy to nurse this morning and helped relieve some discomfort. Unfortunately, when the boys nurse at the same time that seems to double the afterpain pain. Oh,...
Congrats dandilion!!
Our baby BOY (we were team green, but I totally thought he was a she) was born Wednesday the 22nd at 41w 2d. He was 8lb 5oz and absolutely perfect. AND I got my vba2c .
Yay gooseberry! 40+5 and feeling so done. Physically I'm feeling fine, but I forgot how emotionally draining this is. My "earliest" was born at 40+6 and my "latest" at 41+3. I'm really hoping this'll happen in the next couple of days rather that next week :/
Congrats pastormama and jldumm!
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