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Hi all, I've been MIA for awhile, it should be interesting to see my sig before I edit it LOL. I gave birth 4 years ago and have been TTC for 2 years. We had a difficult time getting pg so this is no surprise, but the constant problems are worrying me. WARNING: TMI below; sorry. My cycles have been getting shorter and shorter and I bleed for a pretty long time - on Tuesday morning I awoke to my "period" which was bright red and dripping, so I used a tampon. Later the...
I just had to reply. Have you been checked for open tubes? Has your partner been tested? Blood tests? I think I would go to an RE for a consult and tell them what you want, if it's more natural or more advanced help. You may want to visit a few if you have those options near you. Then sign up for the testing. Many insurance companies cover diagnostic workups, but not treatment. Find out what you have and make some decisions. IVF is not a guaranteed pregnancy no...
Quote: Originally Posted by Gentle~Mommy :) Can I ask if the adopted child had any problems latching and nursing? considering they were perhaps bottle fed prior to arriving and might even be an older child. What if they don't want to nurse or can't nurse? We had a disruption in our adoption and my DS went home with his birthmom for approximately 7-8 days. I believe she breastfed and bottlefed him. The foster mother bottlefed him for about 2-3...
I did the asklenore.com protocol and was partially successful. I had a Medela Pump-in-Style pump. I had to supplement with the help of the lact-aid.com contraption. I breastfed my DS beginning at birth and stopped around 6 months. I had a lot of pain in the right breast/nipple and had exhausted all I could to make it better. The only good thing I got out of stopping was conceiving my DD. Something about the return of my natural hormones, I guess! Or maybe it was a...
I would also not jump to IVF over one blocked tube. If your dh also has issues I would consider it but I think you should do/insist on what you're comfortable with. They make alot more money doing IVF than clomid/BMS and IUIs.
I like the idea of a shorter email. IMO, the longer it is, the more it seems like it is up for discussion/negotiation.
I work out at the Dunwoody Baptist Church and love their childcare area. Free and no turnover. All grandmas or mature women. I've had no problems bringing my 3 and 4 year olds several times a week for the last year.
Dr. Kute is personally pro-vax but also okay with those who choose not to. Call and ask!
I had bloody show when I arrived at the birth center at 5cm. I was absolutlely certain I was in labor at that time. I had my first contractions around 430am, labored at home, arrived at the birth center at 130pm, and baby was born at 430pm. After probably 2 hours of regular contractions I realized it was the real thing. I lost a gob of plug at about 430am with a tinge of blood 36 hours before her birth, 24 hours before labor started.
Good luck! I hope to buy some in the next couple of days - I felt the ovary pain yesterday and am on cycle day 18. I have been starting to spot around cd 23/24, but no full-fledged AF until cd 28/29. I'm not currently temping but usually had high temps until 2-3 days into full flow. I am massively confused and doctors are of no help.
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