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Due Jan 3rd with #2!
I live in Walnut Creek and tons of people have chickens and huge gardens, a dozen fruit trees, etc. Most of my friends' husbands commute to the city. You should be totally fine for $150,000. I would not live in the city, especially with kids. There are lots of places you could live outside SF.
I love living in Walnut Creek, and find all of that here, except the 30 min commute, it's more like 45-1hr. I know a few homeschooling groups and playgroups, there is a montessori charter school (by lotto to get in) and I have seen several women opening breastfeeding toddlers. Safe, amazing weather, pretty much no fog, year round farmers market. Not as crunchy as Berkeley though, I've been very happy here. 
I hope you've found someone by now, but I experienced the same thing. My LC had us take pictures of dd's tongue and we emailed them to Catherine Watson Genna. She responded that my dd did in fact have a ptt. We then called ENTs and pediatricians, and none would clip it without GA. I talked to my dentist and he got us in touch with his oral surgeon, and we convinced him (with an article written by Catherine) to clip it. He was nervous because he'd never done a newborn...
In case you are still looking, I saw this article on the clinic I've gone to that mentions women up to 49 using their own eggs- http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/california-ivf-discountrebate-program-eases-risk-for-older-mothers-83958007.html   There is a link to RSC that talks more about it. 
Yes, I thought the same thing about safety, scary! I read about so many people having trouble getting the straps tight around their dc but that has never been my experience, I always wondered why the difference. Now I wonder if this is why. 
After 6 months and several installs, I suddenly couldn't tighten the harness straps enough after the latest install for my Radian R120. I'd never had this problem, so I knew something was wrong. Before I posted asking for help, I tried re-installing it and figured out the problem! In case anyone is having a lot of problems with this, check it out! I looked where the latch strap goes through the car seat (rear facing) and discovered this-       It should look...
New Posts  All Forums: