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 Take care. If your throat still realllllly hurts, you may want to get it cultured. Get some rest.  Things are good. We are finally getting some summery weather in the northeast and enjoying the outdoors. I am gardening, playing with my chickens (and eating lots of eggs), and being entertained by the funniest 5 year-old ont he planet (may be a BIT biased, but that kid IS funny!).  Thank you for asking!    Well of course. If you love any type of baked goods, you're...
Well that just sucks. Sorry about the horrible 15 hours in the cabin and the just ok-ness of Mr Popper's Penguins. Glad you can find fun things around town, though.
I believe you mean "Mutant"   Hi Katie! I am recently back from an MDC hiatus. My son is 5 and loving life. Summer is finally here and we can be outside as much as we want aaaand, I've been drinking a lot of wine on the deck.   ..and I want details!   WooHooooooo!       Swimming and BBQ = my favorite parts of summer    (well that and cold beer/wine/vodka)   MF: Sorry you are having a challenging time with your GF. You are a very kind, patient and loving person. I...
 Well that just sucks. Here's to a better Saturday! I'll go grab it for you...should be there in about an hour or so!     This is the first weekend in a month that we've had no plans. I am thinking about staying in my jammies all day today. My house is a wreck, so I think I'll clean it between naps and cups of coffee/vodka. SS85, I know you've got a busy weekend. What does everyone else have planned?      
  Hi MD
I love "cake and cult followers!"
Helloooooooo! We're back! I'm back! I haven't been around these parts lately...how is everyone? I haven't been back to the beginning to ketchup yet...headed that way now. Anyone have snacks for me while I read? I could use some cake.
Me too! Fingers crossed for the sump pump - and shop-vac!       I hear ya there! I was just noticing that there is more daylight - I drove in my driveway at 5:15 last night and it was not pitch black outside - It was snowing though - so much for spring.....sigh. AND - exciting news about your office/craft space - have fun with it! I cannot believe this snow! The families I usually see on Tuesdays and Wednesdays are getting moved all around this year! I saw this post on...
It is sunny and warm here in NH today! - You know you've had a couple of rough weather weeks when 30 degrees feels tropical!!
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