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Liked all the pages! Hemp is so much more absorbent and strong than cotton - really neat!
    I made and used a woven gauze wrap for 3 of my babies before buying a Girasol for my most recent babe. 5 yards of cotton gauze (I used a heavier "crinkle cotton", not the really see-through, cheap gauze) and cut lengthwise, then I just sewed the cut edge and left the selvedge edges. It was worked great for newborn through toddler! I still use it as my back-up.  =]  Feel free to PM me if you want more details! This is the only pic I have of it, sorry it's not...
73 months straight. A lot of that has been tandem nursing (4 kids total). 
  Snuggled up in the wrap
  Big Sister had watched Mama babywearing...and she wanted to try!  =]
  Big Sister wearing her brother!
  Mowing the lawn with Papa!
  Close to my heart
I'd like a list of all the pocket diapers and AIO/AI2 diapers out there that do NOT use fleece, microfiber, or other synthetic materials for their interior and inserts. (Obviously the outer waterproof material is synthetic.) I've had SO many issues/problems with synthetic materials in diapers! I mostly use prefolds and fitteds at this point (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE), but I'd like to have maybe half a dozen "easy" diapers for on the go, babysitters/grandparents, etc. Can...
Our little one arrived yesterday too, on his due date no less! Benjamin Maccabee was born 4/3/12 at 11:47pm. 8 lbs 13 oz, my biggest baby! Cant remember his length, lol. Mama's tired. my oldest DD got to be with me through it all and she was so happy to watch her little brother's birth. I had my 2nd home water birth (3rd Homebirth) and it went well. He was posterior so labor was very different than my others, which hung me up for a while, but it was still a great...
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