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Quote: Originally Posted by alegna Have a homebirth, then it's not an issue -Angela She can't, due to medical reasons.
Oh, and I just realized that your ds will be about 21mos when you have the baby -- a lot can change, habit-wise, between now and then. I would hold off on night weaning for awhile (at least until 18 mos). At that point, reassess his habits, and see how you can tweak things to aid the transition. GL!
I agree, night-weaning does not mean total weaning. Does he take EBM from a cup? What is the hospital's policy on overnight guests? Would ds be willing to sleep in a cot w/Dh, if all else fails? FWIW, I had to be away from ds#2 for several days/nights when he was 15 months old, and we picked up our nursing relationship immediately upon my return. So, it can be done. Good luck!
Hi! I'm new here, but have been lurking for a little while. I have three awesome boys. I went veggie for good about 7 months ago (right after my youngest son was born), a goal that I have been working towards for a very long time. More and more of my thinking over the last 6 years has pulled away from the mainstream way of things, and I'm feeling much more at home here than anywhere else -- especially where things such as AP, GD, HS, and the like are concerned. Pleased...
I'm new here, too, but wanted to chime in and echo what the others have said. I have three boys (5.5yrs, 2.5yrs, 7.5mo), and I recently talked to a friend who has five daughters (15yrs and up) -- HE said emphatically that I needed to have some time alone every day. I occasionally act (theater), and for a few weeks at a time, that gives me time out of the house doing something that I love (in the evenings, while Dh hangs out with the kids). But, that's not really alone...
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