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Quote: Originally Posted by kalohabreeze I just don' think spanking and the like are what intelligent people should do to their children... it bothers me but I don't know how to get the point across.. i gotta tell ya, kalohabreeze, that you will have a very difficult time ever getting your "point across" if you hold the opinion that you KNOW what 'intelligent people' SHOULD do. that time of mindset will only polarize people: first, the word...
i love my dyson animal (purple). i've had it for over a year and it's still going strong. peace
i understand the animal fever... but i would discourage you from getting a bunny. if you get a bunny, the novelty will wear off in a very short time, and then reality sets in: bunnies really are semi-boring and require a lot of work. peace
Quote: Originally Posted by majazama how much does obedience training cost? i suppose it varies. i would call all the dog schools in the local phone book to fnd out their cost and their philosophy of dog training. (choke chain or clicker training; punishments or not; rewards or not) then choose the one that best fits your philosophy and your budget. in my town, there are also trainers who will come to your home for private lessons -...
you've already gotten really great advice, i just wanted to add my thoughts about the importance of obedience training in order to get the dog you 'need.' it's kind of unrealistic to think the perfect dog will manifest. even 'smart' dogs need to be trained. i took my [brilliant] rescue dog through several levels of obedience and ultimately he got his canine good citizen certificate. one of the owner requirements for cgc is that i'd never let my dog run loose,...
Quote: Originally Posted by SachaMacina there are 'doggie diapers' that are non-disposable (I think you line them with cloth?) at the grocery store or at Petco. This might be a short term solution to calm dh down while you figure out what's causing it and treating it excellent - i needed that. i will look into diapers when i go to petco to try to find some pet gates to keep him out of the dining room where he pees.
Quote: Originally Posted by thekimballs I think you probably know: he needs a check-up. I am hoping it's just thyroid, but those are classic diabetes symptoms for older dogs. yes, thank you. i thought of diabetes.
ugh. a few months ago i discovered that my old dog had a UTI, which explained why he was peeing in the house. (he was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism.) he seemed to stop peeing inside after taking antibiotics. well, now he started again and dh is threatening to get rid of him. other random notes: he drinks a lot of water these days, more than usual. he is on soloxine for his thryroid. any ideas?
Quote: Originally Posted by SAHDS What does DS have to say? They are all his things, right? I'd ask for his input. If he doesn't want them, put them on Craigslist. I'm sure you could make a pretty penny off of all of it. And, with that money, you could send DS care packages while away from home. Congrats to him, btw thanks for the input. i don't know much about craigslist...sounds interesting though.
ds is getting ready to ship out to basic training. today, he and i tackled his huge closet FULL of childhood toys. i am seriuosly at a loss on how to proceed with the stuff he doesn't want. i'm talking about a ton of collectible things: TY beany babies, jurassic park and star wars action figures, pokemon cards, and lots & lots of other items like that - some still in good shape and some still in boxes. do i sell it or give it away or keep it??? do i donate it...
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