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Quote: Originally Posted by DaytonsMom Grace-Based Parenting by Tim Kimmel anyone read this book? is it GD? is it worth buying? TIA i've read it; it's ok. very basic. i didn't buy it; i borrowed it from the library. i think that Families Where Grace is in Place is much, much better. that i bought and have read it several times. peace
Quote: Originally Posted by mamazee The thing to do, IMO, is to reconnect with the child and have a better relationship. mamazee, i appreciate what you have brought to this thread. your insights are both proactive and practical. thank you. peace
Quote: Originally Posted by LynnS6 But I still don't get what good grounding does. Really. I don't. i agree that grounding does no 'good.' i think grounding is a bandaid on a gaping wound. this is my take: a parent feels helpless and powerless (because the child is doing something over which the parent has no control, maybe it's even semi dangerous), the parent needs to do something - to feel some level of control. on the surface...
Quote: Originally Posted by Leilalu Well, I guess I must differ than a lot of GD moms here in that I think parental intervention in discipline is sometimes nessecary, and good. In my mind, safety issues take precedence and fall under a different category. There are only so many tricks in my bag and hardly any of them would work if the child wanted to do something risky and dangerous. i suppose it depends on how you define parental intervention. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by LotusBirthMama Do not confuse gentle discipline with never having a punishment. i think that being non-punitive is a pillar of gentle discipline. my take is this: do not confuse non-punitive with permissive. peace
Quote: Originally Posted by Leilalu ..but it is definitely a consequence the mom is free to throw out... i agree - except that it is a punishment that the mom is free to throw out. the words consequence and punishment are not synonymous... peace
mamazee, thank you for offering such gentle solutions. peace
i am absolutely fascinated by the initial replies on this thread and the (almost) consensus that the punishment described makes any sense at all. i had to double check to make sure i hadn't accidently logged onto a mainstream parenting board!
Quote: Originally Posted by mrsbrunette Any ideas what it could be?? my thought is ask a vet. a couple years ago my lhasa had a big mysterious scab on her belly. i can't remember the fancy doctor word, but some insect laid an egg on her skin that hatched and an burrowed into her. the scab was the end result of that invasion. ewwwwww. i still cringe thinking about it... oh the things that can happen to our beloved doggies!
Quote: Originally Posted by kristenok18 ...skin turned black and his hair had fallen out... allergies... i found out recently that the above are also symptoms of hypothyroid in dogs. ineresting, huh?
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