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I just ordered that book you mentioned...I could have wrote almost everything you posted on here, right down to the age you settled down (give or take a tiny bit), the ADHD, the blaming him for everything, the co-dependence. I'm glad you're figuring out a way to get past it all!   And I have to agree with what others say about FB- you can post anything you want on there. I don't think some people are as happy as their FB makes them out to be, and I don't think others...
To me it looks thin and kind of stiff. Some breaking in is usually necessary with a woven wrap but they shouldn't feel "rough"...most woven wraps cost at least $100 so I might be suspicious of the weaving with one that inexpensive. Can you search facebook for a babywearing group in your area? They are usually very helpful and can tell you if it is an issue with the carry you are doing, or the wrap itself, or something else.
No advice, it sounds like you did everything you could (did you write and keep a very detailed report of the incident?), but wow!
I haven't changed during the night since my baby was maybe 1.5-2 months old... we usually use bumgenius freetimes or elementals at night. They have they stay dry fabric so she doesn't feel wet and they really hold a lot. I know others have had a lot of success with fitteds and covers at night, but fitteds aren't really for us.
I also had a hard time communicating with my baby before she was born...it always felt really forced and awkward when I tried to talk or sing to her, except for a few occasions.   Calling her by name was strange at first also.
I agree...this is something SO and I both feel very strongly about. Beyond just the pros and cons that, in my mind, clearly point towards not circumcising...what it comes down to for me is that it's a human right's issue. It is NOT your penis and you should not be the one to make the decision to modify it. I'm sure no one on this board would think about circumcising their daughter, and I feel that anyone who would circumcise their son that wouldn't circumcise their...
I haven't read all of the comments, but I own a business and work and bring DD to work with me...it's like working two jobs and then some. Very exhausting. 
I didn't realize how painful AFTER the birth would be...nurses checking your uterus, being stitched, etc...   I also had heard that newborns did nothing but eat but I didn't take it literally enough. I was used to seeing babies who ate every 2 hours or so and mine was not like that. If she was awake, she was nursing.
Here's a few recent pictures of Adelaide (taken at the same park on different days, hehe).         She's 8.5 months now...super headstrong, does what she wants when she wants it and lets you know if she doesn't want it! She's still about 90% breastfed, she does enjoy eating solid foods but she's so busy all the time she'll only stop for a couple of minutes to eat before she wants to go back to what she was doing. She crawls at top-speed all around the...
I sent a request. :)
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