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Negative on an IgE ("true allergy") test? Because even if it is negative on an IgE test, she can still be sensitive/intolerant to it (IgG, for one). That is much more difficult to test for/less agreement among Western medical professionals.
Are these IgE allergies (tested via skin test or RAST blood test) or were they sensitivities? Just curious, they need to be taken out either way! If she's not being tested for sensitivities, remember that she can have those, too.   I hope that once these foods are out of her diet, you will start seeing some improvements.
You do know that some people crave what they are allergic/sensitve to, right?
Nope. I'd toss it or make it up and toss it over the deck rail for the birds. I can't stand the taste of Sucralose, myself, and I don't want my son to have to eat it. Plus, I don't think artifical sweeteners are good for you.
This is why a good functional behavioral analysis is a very good idea. The function of this particular child's tantrums is to communicate; Daycare provider forced the child to learn a different, more appropriate method to communicate. Fewer tantrums.   OP - I would strongly suggest a behavior analysis - especially if she is tantruming up to 14 times a day. It is utterly exhausting for you. A good behavioral assessment - which should include goals that you, as the parent,...
Prenatals can also contain dairy. For one, several of them contain probiotics which are grown on dairy. It's virtually impossible to find a corn-free prenatal., if corn is an issue for you.
We also like Little Bear, but DS never took to it in a big way. He watches it mainly while using his nebulizer; it's a fairly calming show.
We started with WonderPets at 18 months, when his blind granny was living with us. It gave him something for them to do together - he sat in her lap and watched it. He still thinks it's her favorite show, even though he rarely requests it anymore, he will when they are together.   Also liked Word World a lot, but not until age 3ish.    
Agreed that you need to be careful of even trace amounts.   It is entirely possible that she exhibit even MORE sensitivity/ies after an initial improvement after giving something up. It's as if the body says, "Oh, yes, that's much better. Thanks for taking xx out." and then, the body discovers, "Hey, crap, even little bits of xxx (or now, yy) make me feel awful."   Like if someone were punching you in the arm while someone else was simultaneously pinching your...
Every 20 minutes sounds like it's related to his recent illness or to a food he is sensitive to. I'd probably do pull-ups if you really can't handle the laundry or every-20-minute potty runs.   Do you know his BM schedule well enough to catch some of those?
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