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Another vote for a food or foods he is sensitive to. Can you keep a food-behavior journal and look for links?   How is his intake of Omega 3s, choline, B-vitamins, ...all those things needed for good brain functioning?
I'll bite, although my son is only 4.   For us, about 1.5 weeks' worth is good. This means when I have crazy weeks and can do the laundry/fold/put-away catch-up only on weekends, he's still good to go through the weekend. I weed out seasonally or when everything of one type is clean at once. (Recently, ALL his short sleeve shirts were clean at the same time, so I weeded out the smallest of them.)   But, for you, I'd probably still have 1.5-2-weeks worth of...
You might have the LC carefully check his latch, and look for tongue ties, frenulum tie, etc. It's possible he isn't transferring milk well. (although wet diapers may contradict this)   Does he have any signs of gastro distress? burping a lot, reflux, pain, colic, green poop, bloody poop...is there ANYthing that could suggest a food sensitivity? (A nutritionist will most likely NOT be helpful in this department.) If so, it is possible that a food (or class of foods)...
DS got the pool w/ waterslide for his 4th birthday recently. He LOVES swimming and has been making diving boards with his legos for months. I went based on that.   http://store.playmobilusa.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-US-Site/en_US/Product-Show?pid=4858   I should have ordered it from playmobil or B&N, but waited too long and paid more than I should have at TRU.   For Christmas, I bought him the zoo feeding station. I bought it a few months ago, when I...
Variation of this sweet potato-ground beef hash. (added white & red potato, butternut, bacon fat, & herbs. no coconut flour)   http://mealsthatmatter.blogspot.com/2011/04/sweet-potato-beef-hash.html  
False negatives are much more likely than false positives. Our son's RAST results and SPT results have been constant from the start (RAST at 10 mos; SPT at 14 mos; RAST at 38 mos.) All showed the same 3 allergens: wheat, peanut, egg. He is also sensitive to dairy. The IgE tests were negative to dairy and he "passed" an in-office challenge of dairy, but he reacts 24+ hours later and has a stuffy nose and swollen tonsils/adenoids for weeks afterward.
My breastfeeding, dairy-sensitive son reacted to me taking homeopathics.
Have you been checked for fibroids?
Agree w/ Cristeen. They would get used here (heck, even week-old chicken leftovers would get eaten here). If you heat them up and they smell bad, toss them.
Anything you can do to get magnesium into your body will probably help.   Epsom salt baths Calcium-magnesium supplements (tablets or liquid. My body absorbs liquid much better.) Epsom salt lotion. CVS sells it's own brand.   My first pregnancy, I did Epsom salt baths almost every night, and took liquid calcium-magnesium. This helped with constipation and with leg cramps/charley horses/restless legs at night,   This pregnancy, I'm using primarily Epsom...
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