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Quote: Originally Posted by Heavenly My questions are - what symptoms did you present with? What were the results of your blood work? Did you have a difficult time getting the doctor to diagnosis lupus? Any input is appreciated. My symptoms were extreme thirst, kidney pain, and then, chest pain (costochondritis) and a clicking in my throat when I swallow. General achiness. My symptoms did not fit the typical lupus symptoms, which probably...
1-2 times a week, but we travel about 1 weekend a month, on average, and then we're eating out for almost all of those meals.
Quote: Originally Posted by Barbie64g OK, whoa! I thought you were at the library. I thought she was at a bookstore, like for a book signing or something. I LOVE the new cut. I printed it out to bring to my (a) stylist.
jumping into your DDC. My mom had me at 30 and my sister at 39 (no one in between). She said the difference in energy was night and day. She was exhausted the second time around, even after the birth, when I was able to help out quite a bit. I remember she (we all) slept in the living room after my sister was born, because Mom couldn't do stairs for a while.
I did tear up reading your post, so it's nice to read that you have such a great attitude about this. I think you are very strong, and it sounds like with such a positive approach, you may end up having a good time celebrating.
LOVELY - Quote: "The FDA said that the company did not initiate "corrective and prevention action" after it had received 46 consumer complaints from June 2009 to April 2010 regarding foreign materials and black or dark specks in its drugs.... (The) "tiny particles" in some of the products that the company said may be solidified product ingredients or manufacturing residue such as tiny metal parts." The report in the Money section of CNN.
Quote: Originally Posted by jillian+1 Can I just say, I literally cannot believe that a reputable online bike store doesn't know how to spell the word "pedaled". That is horrifying. And have a picture of a child wearing sandals while riding a bike with spoked wheels. BIG no-no, even with socks on.
Seems like there is lots of good advice here. I would say that candling can help even if it's not a wax issue, because the heat will have a drawing/drying effect. I had reductions in ear pressure (following ear infection/burst drum) when I candled. Be careful, though. I did burn the carpet ($75 repair) because DH, who was supposed to be watching the candle, was engrossed in Family Guy.
Quote: Originally Posted by 4evermom Or look for cotton play clothes like leggings and t-shirts. Sweatpants and sweat shirts if you want something heavier. This is what we do. Cotton leggings and T-shirts in the winter; cotton shorts and T-shirts in the summer.
CVS carries a dye-free generic diphenhydramine (Benedryl) that is not affected by the recall.
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