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same question here
I looked into all these rules when I recently opened an account with paypal (I avoided them like the plague for awhile because of things like this, but that's another story). If you accepted Paypal for an ebay listing, you have to accept credit card paypal even if you have a personal account (so if if someone payed with a cc you'd have to upgrade). Paypal does now allow you to have two accounts, one personal & one premier or business, but they have to be linked to...
Quote: Originally Posted by scubamama Pat, I am asking for Godiva liqueur next Christmas. Thanks for the idea! You're welcome, but I'm not Pat, I'm Jenny
OK, for the urinary infection cranberry can be helpful, juice or pills (I would do the juice, but that's cuz I like cranberry juice) For the anemia, blackstrap molasses is high in iron, also an excellent nonconstipating iron supplement is floradix: (first link is the liquid, second is pills) http://www.florahealth.com/flora/hom...cts/R64771.asp http://florahealth.com/flora/home/us...cts/R64918.asp Also, if you're planning on TTC, get a good prenatal now (it's...
Quote: Originally Posted by captain crunchy Man, I will say though, that that it doesn't get much better than a nice glass of red wine and a really good piece (or 4 ) of a quality dark chocolate.Anti-oxidants, serotonin boosters, tasty goodness, and if you are like me and rarely drink.. a nice slight warm buzz... He he, I got a sample bottle of Godiva Liqueur, does that mean I got the best of both worlds? Back on topic, though, I'd agree...
Try to line up help ahead of time. Do you have family near you? Friends who can drop off meals, help with cleaning, etc? Your kids are old enough to help out too, so that should make it a little easier. If you encounter a problem, see an LC or go to a LLL meeting for assistance, rather than getting advice from a doc, too many don't know much at all about breastfeeding. If your husband can take time off, even for a few days or a week, that will probably help a lot in just...
me three, I think this is a great idea.
mine was getting up between 2:30 & 4 for awhile, then it went to 5:30-6 for a bit, now he's (thankfully) slipped to around 9am. The best thing I've found isn't so much the bedtime as how much exercise he gets in a day. If he's not running around a lot in a day, he's more likely to wake at insane hours.
Just being there for her as a friend is a huge thing. Finding some free counseling options for her may help (if she's reluctant to seek couseling because of $$). Is there any kind of free clinic in your area? Is her household income low enough to qualify her for any free assistance? If she's religious, then a priest, rabbi, etc is a good idea. Can you talk to her family too? get them involved in helping her and/or family counseling?
That looks like how 3 year-old ds sleeps on me, cept he's generally latched on too. Does that make me the mama pillow?
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