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Hey there! I just need to know if any of you mamas use oxyclean on their cloth diapers?  Please give me all of the info on it... pros and cons!  thank you so much for your time and knowledge!
Shoot! I can't erase the photo! I don't know why it's wrong side up. Oh well, I guess.
7th week
My dd goes to friends houses around the house. She has gone to dances held at the middle school. I drop her off and pick her up when it's done. She is allowed to go to a movie with a group of friends that are all meeting her there. But, it has never worked out with all of the other kids due to not being allowed (I'm pretty sure). I would be dropping her off and picking her up when it's done. She talks on the phone (a lot!) and I know that she talks with boys. I think...
I'm in the middle of it. I like it. I like the idea of using S.A.L.V.E. and I like the idea of trusting you childs natural drive to do what is good. I agree, it may be a bit idealistic. But, it's refreshing to think of you child in this light when we are bombarded by so many negegive images of children these days. This book was a bit of a dissapointment after reading Unconditional Parenting, which I devoured. And I agree w/ pp who said that there are many...
thanks, I did move it. I got a and then tried to clean it up a bit along with explaining that I had moved it from here. I don't know of any other way besides just copying any pasting. Am I doing it wrong?
Thanks for the advice on the book. I'll pick it up at the library. He does seem to need to know that He's the parent and that He's in charge. I love digesting new books! I'll bring it over to the PaP forum. Can we double post?
I'm sorry you had a bad night. I understand wanting to try anything to get them to bed. But, I agree with others who have posted about honesty being so very important in the parent/child relationship. It was a bad night. You can start over. We all make mistakes. Every day is a new beginning. Good luck to you in finding a better way. BellinghamCrunchie- that was hilarious! :
First of all... is there another board or another forum that I should be putting this on? It's deffinitely not just about GD. dd is 12. but, I still feel this is a mature 12. 1)i agree that the world is filled with reward and punishment. I understand if it's hard to grasp the concept that there could be a better way, with better effects in the long run. 2)I understand what you're saying about letting him feel like he's being a good parent. But, when he's on dd's...
I agree that it is important to give an honest from the heart apology when you've been in the wrong. Part of saying that your sorry is explaining that you will try your hardest to NEVER do that again and then actually trying you best to hold up to that promise. Take naps. go to bed when she does. Sometime I find that when I stay up late to try to get my time to myself I end up not getting the sleep that I really need. And in the long run I would have been...
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