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Is your library involved in the interlibrary loans? they may request it form another library for you with no cost to you. You may have to wait a little longer to get it. But it would be free.
He sees that punishing is the only way to deal with kids when you don't want them to do something that they're doing or you want them to do something that they aren't. I see it differently. I want to talk with her and work out something that would be agreeable to all of us. I want to treat her with respect. I want her to do things because she sees that it's the right thing to do. Not because she's worried about being punished. I also think that it works better with...
First of all, I'd like to give you a . I'm not sure of any anger management books. But know of GD books that I really like. I'll be looking for responses thought, as I feel that anyone can benefit from reading such books. Good luck to you in finding the path of bettering yourself and your family's life.
I'm interested. So, I'll be :
I agree with both of these.... Mom2Joseph" I find it sad that no one is even willing to consider that the child is telling the truth." *I lived with people whom where very respected by many people. Things happened to me in that home that shouldn't have. I never told anyone for fear that no one would believe me. It's an awful feeling. Still to this day, over two decades, I still believe that if I where to tell what had happened it wouldn't be believed by...
Well, it looks unanimous. Staying is a good thing. Letting her babysit is not. sorry you have to even deal with that. I don't know why anyone would insist so strongly for the ability (or right) to hit a baby. :
It didn't work for me either
Congratulations! What a great environment to birth your baby! I love the pics!
Congratulations!!!! I'm so happy for you! I'm wondering...how did yo get your doctor to come to your house? I've never heard of this in Michigan.
We gave ds a baby doll for Christmas last year. He loved it. He plays with babies all of the time. I run a daycare out of my home and had 3 girls for a long time. I made slings for them to carry their babies in and they loved them. I'm in the process of making him a (waldorf inspired) doll. I planned on giving it to him for Christmas but never finnshed it on time. He loves the dol I made for DD for Christmas. If I pt the babies away, he'll ask for them. He nurses...
New Posts  All Forums: