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It is abusive. I still suggest counseling. I do agree, though, that the wrong counselor could just make things worse. Isn't there a way to interview a counselor to see what beliefs they have before seeing them? I would think so. ...and shouldn't you be obligated to teach the best things to this life that you have created? Wouldn't you feel it is your responsibility to teach that child (by example) to be loving, kind, respectful, etc.?:
I don't have time right now to read al of the responses. But I jost wanted to quickly tell you that I am going roughly the same thing. I feel sick inside about it. My DH even has asked his DM to talk to me regarding these issues. I feel for you. Ill read the responses and see if I can contribute in any way. But for now
I love hearing these stories!!! I really needed a pick me up. this helps. thanks! keep em' coming!
good idea!
Well...I'm usually the one who is cold. Everyone else usually think that it's fine and I'm freezing. So, I sit by the heater or throw on another sweater and slippers. I don't want to waste energy. Not to mention, heating throughout the winter gets pretty expensive. The only person who wasn't safe by her sitting by the door was her. The door swung 3/4 of the way open when she was sitting there. My DH could get in easily. He was just annoyed. Like I have said...
65-68 depending on how I'm feeling. We tend to turn it down to 65 at night due to the heat rising and our bedrooms being on the second floor. We durring the winter I wear two shirts or shirt and sweater instead of turning the heat up. It's COLD up here (Upper peninsula of Michigan):
I don't have time to read all of the responses. but, I feel that you should change peds. You can get someone who is competent AND backs you up with BFing. But, if you decide t keep him, you should print up info on the importance of extended BFing. You'd think that a doctor would already know this. But, it seems that many don't. It might get him to at least see where you are coming from. Or it may just help him to be a little more understanding when the next patient...
I agree that she should have moved in the first place. But, after that I see no reason why she shouldn't be able to sit there and just lock the door. If some one wants to come in she can just unlock the door and move. Which is what she WOULD normally do. I have full confidence in her making the right decision in the future. She did apologize (without prompting) later on, after thinking about it. She does think about her mistakes and tries not to make them again.
Ok, this is not off the charts funny. But, here it goes... SD was nursing and when he was done he says "bye" and pulls my shirt down. Like I said, not off the charts funny, but cute.
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