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Quote: Originally Posted by alexsam In England, I know it happens because a friend (British) said that they recently had a TV ad campiegn against it (therefore, people must be doing it, but the cultural shift against it is happening there). I'm so interested in this. I wish that I could see the ad..also wish I'd see ads like that here in the US.
Quote: Originally Posted by passionatepreggers Wow. No eye contact. This wouldn't fly if the helpless one was an adult. What BS. I'm sorry, but yuck. I agree
I just submitted this thread and found that someone posted pretty much the same as I did.
OK... ds is 2 almost 2 1/2. I run a daycare out of my home. DS has been having a hard time with this anger lately. Not just with the daycare kids , but with all that are close to him. He has been yelling and sometimes hits. When he does this I say what I am seeing "Oh, you're so angry right now" or "You seem really upset. Do you need a hug" or "you seem to need to yell right now. Do you want to do it outside. We can go out so you can yell all you want." and many...
OK. I just read that it's not recommended for cloth diapers . that's to bad. I really need to get some laundry done.: Personal Note: This product contains coconut diethanolamide. (CDEA, cocomide) which may cause contact dermatitis for some people with prolonged exposure.
You could use prefolds and just put an additional layer in there with fleece on top(closest to his bum). but what I recommend is using motherease. They have an insert that snaps in and if your worried about too much moisture then you can just throw a scrap piece of fabric in there too keep it away from his bum. I hope you find something that works for you. Now that I've posted...I see that you have already gotten info that I suggested, before I suggested it. ...
If you have the right cover then you don't have to use snaps, snappies or pins. I really don't like using either. but, if I had to pick I would pick the snappies. I remember using pins on my little brothers diapers when i was a child. I would either poke myself or worry about poking him so much that it would stress me out. what kind of cover are you using?
My husband went to get the laundry detergent this time and got something that I probably wouldn't have tried. The reason why is that it says that says "built-in fabric softening". the brand is Natural Value and its a natural laundry detergent. But just because it says fabric softening it has me a bit worried. So, does anyone have experience with this brand? Does anyone know these ingredients? Are they OK to use on cloth? Please let me know. So...the ingredients...
I hope you have baby carriers. It really helps. I did the same thing as the mama who suggested one kid in front and the other in back. It gave me back my sanity!: I also wanted to say that I actually think having more than one child makes things easier once they get out of infancy. i hope everything works out for you.
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