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: OK, I dad to edit this because I figure that I need to put i my 2 cents.... 1)she (the nurse) needs to work on getting comfortable with all of the questions that she needs to ask. 2)I don't understand what it matters what a persons last encounter sexually is. I mean, your last encounter could have been yesterday and your encounter before that could have been the day before. kwim? the question could have been better if the patient was asked something along the...
Hey, does anyone know what the legal age a kid has to be to babysit in the state of Michigan? My dd has been getting asked to babysit and I'm not sure when she is legally able to. I've checked the state of Michigan's website and it didn't help. As far as I can tell there is no specific age, only suggestions (and I can't even find what their suggestions are) Go figure. Any help would be appreciated. thanks-kelli
nothing in michigan
I haven't read anyones responses but wanted to quickly tell you that my ds spits sometimes too. When he does, I tell him that he is allowed to spit but that spitting is for when we're brushing our teeth or if a bug flies into your mouth. Or even if it's "just because" as long as he does it in the right places. I tell him that we don't spit on people. Thats not OK. Spitting in the sink or in the toilet is OK. Good luck mama
I agree with pp who said that it must me such a confusing time for you. I am so sorry that you had to experience all of this...the abuse, his suicide, and now his family treating you this way. I also agree with the pp who said that you and your girls should go to therapy. I can help you sort out all of your feelings. Again, I'm sorry for all you are going through. *hugs to you and your girls*
I don't know what to offer except to find another shirt exactly the same...or many. i've never experienced this, but, my son likes to be "naked boy" all of the time. I run a daycare and although I have no problem with him being "naked boy" I feel that I need to cloth him on account of other parents. : She will get over the shirt and move on. Think of it this way... a cute story to tell when she gets older.
Wow. That had to have been so hard for you. Poor little guy. I think that I would get down to his level to acknowledge his feelings and try to give him words for those feelings. But, when he started hitting me, I would physically stop it. I would block the hit and say that I do not let people hit me. That I understood that he is feeling angry and if he wants to hit that he can hit the bed or scream in the pillow. But hitting people is not OK. I also think that...
I don't have time to read the responses. But, some of what I have read seem really harsh. I think that it's OK to use distraction *if it works*. But, if it doesn't work, then i say to just pick him up. I used to use my sling all of the time. (now ds lets me sit him on the counter *most of the time* when I'm working in the kitchen. if you're using a sling, you can swing him around onto your back so you have space to move up front. He will *more than likely* be...
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