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I wore uniforms from Kindergarten through senior year....HATED them.  Still shudder at the thought, and my highschool had a pretty good selection on what counted as uniform.   I can promise the whole "what to wear" "brand names" etc does not disappear when kids wear uniforms.  Its still there.  
LOVE Homeschooling Our Children, Unschooling Ourselves.  It was a great help to me and I suggest it all the time to anyone even thinking of homeschooling.  I also really liked The Unschooling Handbook
First, I would like to politely suggest you read up on deschooling first.  Many children, when coming out of a school environment, need time to decompress and in a sense reset themselves.    I dont know that you need 6 months of a curriculum.  In the beginning, for many, there is lots of trial and error in figuring out what works best for the child (and the parent:) ).  I would hate for you to feel "locked in" if something doesnt work. 
From what I have read, Moving Beyond the Page and Five in a Row are both similar in ways to Sonlight but are secular (well, technically FIAR is written by Christians but they have a separate guide and resources for religious stuff, its not part of the main program),
I would try to schedule your own activities for the days that work for you and invite others along.  Personally, as much as I love the co-op we participate in, if they were religious and forceful about it, it wouldn't work. 
I have very little patience and am also not a good teacher.  I get things very quickly in my own way but have a horrible time explaining them to anyone else but thats ok, I am still homeschooling:)   Only you can make the decision, but I just want to say, dont sell yourself short.  Homseschooling does not have to look like "school at home".  You don't have to do scheduled lessons, sit at a table, etc, ESPECIALLY in the early years, just being alive is...
Just bumping this back up again:) 
I know several mamas in STL with gluten free kids.....will message them and see what they have to offer.
IME school rules are not merely threats.  If they say you wont get art, you dont get art. 
I actually feel longer daylight HELPS me kids go to sleep - we are outside much more when its light.  But then again, they have always gone down around 9-10....actually my daughter was later than that for a long time.  I feel better too when I get more sunlight, probably has to do with my low D levels.  It really helps DH too, he NEEDS to do stuff outside, work in the yard, just soak it up.  He works in an office all day which is total opposite of his nature so more...
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