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Does anybody here send their kids to this school? What are your thoughts?
I am looking for a book list on gentle discipline philosophy.  I have a teacher friend who would like to incorporate it into her classroom.  Does anybody have any recommendations? Thanks:)
Is there an API playgroup in this area? I went to the website and found nothing. There is alot of homeschooling groups in my area, but I'm not planning on homeschooling.
My family does breakfast together. My husband works late and son goes to bed early so weekdays don't work out. However, we do eat dinner together on weekends.
I live in Eden Prairie and would love to meet up with other mamas of the same mind. I have a 4 year old boy who could use some more social interaction as well! I've never seen a mpls playgroup listed here and thought why not start one!
My son got a balance bike at three. He never had a tricycle or pedal bike. He actually doesn't know how to pedal, but he can ride this balance bike all the way down a hill - balancing! I love it. I think that pedaling will be easy for him, it's the balance part and confidence in biking that he is building right now. When he grows out of this bike in a year or two, we will move him right into a regular bike! Go for the balance bike!
Maybe when he gets physical, just grab him and bear hug him and say, "Hands are for hugging". Maybe that type of physical contact will work. Maybe completely leave the situation and ignore it. Don't give him any attention. Just say something like, "Use kind hands" and leave. Maybe all types of attention that you're giving him is feeding this behavior. Keep trying and don't expect instant results. If one thing doesn't work, try something else. Good luck
I guess I'm the only one in Eden Prairie I'm Lisa and I have a 4 year old boy! I'm the only AP mama I know other than y'all virtual mamas out there! and has been a real support system for me since the beginning. Thanks!
Yeah. . .we started this only 4 months ago or so. My son is 4.We never did that at 2. Sorry. He might not get it at only 2. I think at two I just took his hands and said "gentle touch" and tried to stop it before he hit. What about sleep? Do you think your son is getting enough sleep? My son would act out like that when he was tired at two years.
I would just say, "You need to stay on the step" "You need to be quiet". If he got up or would talk, I would add one more minute and calmly but firmly say - "That's one more minute". He understood that if he stood up or talked or played on the step, he would have to stay there longer. That's it.
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