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Have you tried calling Hanna Andersson outlet stores. Great prices and they ship to you! Phone numbers are on the Hanna website.
First I encourage him to eat more of what is on his plate. SOmetimes that works. If not, I do give him more of what he wants. I figure it is a stupid thing to battle over, so I don't. I also, save what he has not finished for a later meal. I agree about not wasting food. I think that any answer is fine. As long as you're consistent.
Have you thought about switching to another place? I think you have a Primrose School in your area, they serve very healthy food - no juice, low sugar/salt, lots of whole grains, etc. Also, many other places allow you to bring in your own food.
I agree. If my ds says no to the potty, I just say o.k. I think my friend is kinda a perfectionist. I have told her to keep going with it but not making a big deal when he doesn't want to go. Or to get creative and make it fun - like crawling to the potty, or putting the stuffed bear on the potty, or saying "look! mama is going to the potty too!" Or modeling for him, "oh! mama's got to go potty. Look I am pulling down my pants. . . " Yada. . .yada. . .yada. ....
I agree with pp. Spend time at the beginning with him in the child care center, not working out at first, just showing him how fun the toys and equipment are. That will help him get use to this new setting. And yes, talk it up! "We are going to the gym! Hooray!!" As he gets more comfortable, you can leave to go work out.
My doctor told me at the 2 year check up that ds is "officially not a toddler any longer". Ds is in an Early Preschool Class in the mornings and he definately acts between a toddler and a preschooler to me. So an Early Preschooler was be quite an accurate description. Just like when he was 1, he acted in between an infant and toddler to me.
I have the Safety 1st potty and am very pleased. It is simple, cheap, easy to clean, and I love the pee pee shield for my boy. We use it as a step stool as well and it is easy to carry from one bathroom to another or bring it to grandma's house. http://www.safety1st.com/product/detail.asp?ID=2634
Like I said, this isn't for my child. So far, so good with my ds. He is 25 months old and doing great on the potty. This is for a friend who has a resistent 2 1/2 year old. He says no to her when she asks if he has to go potty and she doesn't know what to do. She doesn't want to grab him and sit him kicking and screaming on the potty, she tried songs and finger plays and books in the bathroom with no luck. She doesn't want to resort to sticker charts, she wants him...
I am searching for information on potty training resisitent children. I keep finding information on the internet about star and sticker charts - yuck! or ways that don't seem very gentle to me. This isn't for my child, so I don't have any answers to questions that you might have. I was hoping I would find a sticky on this subject, but haven't. Any ideas?
I always like community playthings products.
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