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My son has/had this exact same problem!! Exactly! He would take his silliness to a physical point both at home and at preschool. Lots of hitting and pushing while laughing. We tried EVERYTHING!! Nothing seemed to get through. Finally after a couple of months of this I tried putting him in a timeout (4 min for 4 yrs) at home for hitting/pushing behaviors. If he would hit, I wouldn't say anything to him. I just took him by the hand and set him down on the step and...
I guess what I have been doing is similar to asking when I already know the answer. Generally it goes something like. . ."Did you wash your hands?" "Yes" and then I smell his hands to check. Or I will go look in the bathroom to see if there's potty in the toilet. etc. I think what you're saying is don't ask the question if I'm already going to double check on his answer. And I guess I've been double checking on his answer in response to all this lying. Before...
My 4 year old son has started lying alot lately. About going potty, washing hands, putting underwear on, hiding broken toys, etc. He's afraid of getting in trouble. What do I do? How do I deal with this?
Not that I know of. I don't do that, but when I've asked the doctors about it, they say they have no problem with it.
All you ladies are bringing up some very good points. I think you might be spot on. I definetly need to reread this, think about it more, and bring it up to both his teachers and his father. Thanks so much.
I love All About Children in Eden Prairie - we see Dr. Malvey. It's a small clinic so you really have a relationship with your doctor. When we lived in Shakopee, we went to Metropolitan Pediatrics. Nice people, but very big and we didn't always see the same doctor. We saw Dr. O'Laughlin - she was nice.
We pay $10/hr.
Quote: Originally Posted by spedteacher30 typically, 4 year olds are tremendously active, and go through a stage where they cannot sit still. Actually, he is more active now than even a couple of months ago. I have always blamed that energy increase to the fact that he has lost his nap during the day and now sleeps 11-12 hrs at night. Maybe this is a physical growth stage. I have been looking into indoor jungle gym sort of things for home...
The next class up is Pre Kindergarten. It would be a great fit academically, but very hard for him social/emotionally. Change is hard for him. The teachers aren't as strong as his preschool teachers. And the students are at a different maturity level for the most part. I think it might be seen as "the owner going over and above the teachers". I wouldn't want my teachers to think that. They're good teachers, and I'm a former teacher. I teach him at home to make up...
His misbehavior tends to be when he is not getting the attention he wants in the classroom.
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