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I guess I call it aggressive behavior because lots of times the throwing leads to hitting, especially when he is tired. He generally laughs after he throws so I don't think he is angry. I think he is testing his boundries. He knows it is wrong to throw but he enjoys doing it and he likes to see my response I suppose. I do think he is copying what he sees at school in a safe enviornment, because his preschool teacher says he doesn't do it at school, just observes his...
My ds who will be 3 in December throws alot of his stuff. I have tried taking them away, saying that that particular toy is "closed right now". I tell him what to do with the toy, i.e. We build with blocks. Trains stay on the tracks. We read books. We throw balls. etc. . . This doesn't seem to work because of his short attention span. He doesn't care/remember that the toy was taken way. I have tried to have him redo it the correct way. This works well unless...
Quote: Originally Posted by annethcz The very first concert I ever went to was NKOTB at the old Met Center in Bloomington. I think it was 1987 or so.... ah, good times. Yep! I remember that Concert! It was my first concert as well. I went with my mom and dad. : I think it was January 30th. . . But I can't think of the year. . .maybe 1990??
I think one of my joys as a mom is having my son sing the backup of my nkotb songs. He loves Summertime, and sings the oh-oh! while I'm singing! Now that's motherly pride!
::: ::: That's all I have to say! Any other MN blockheads out there?
I've said this before here, and I am definately AP. I : Primrose Schools.
I was just prescribed this type of contraceptive from my OBGYN, which evidently is a evenly dosed continuous birth control pill that does not produce a cycle - no period. This seems weird to me - unnatural. I worry that this could cause long term harm to myself. My doctor assures me that it is fine and many female doctors in the practice use it. Does anybody here use this or has heard of this? The reason it was prescribed is because I have had dramatic cyclical mood...
I was just written a prescription for Wellbutrin today. I was on Lexapro before, and found it difficult to orgasm while on it - that was really depressing! My doctor said that Wellbutrin would be better - here's hoping I am happy to hear other mamas in here taking Wellbutrin as well
Thanks everyone for the thoughts. We will be moving him into the toddler bed this weekend. We have one of those 3 in 1 cribs that converts from a crib to a toddler bed to a full size bed. I LOVE the idea of putting on bed rails - so smart! I think that is a great transition idea - gives him the safety and security of the crib with the ease of getting out of the toddler bed - brillant!
Ya know, I have a idea for you. Since this Severin is about 6 or 7 years old, and most likely in public school, you could try emailing local elementary schools with a brief description of this boy. With his name and glasses, he's pretty unique. It would just take a little time to track down the school email addresses, make a standard text, then send it to these elementary schools (You could start with St Paul, then try Mpls, then maybe some of the suburbs) The...
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