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What an adorable idea! I absolutely love it!! Planning wise, I would just keep it simple and keep expectations low. Kids will want to be active and busy, and I would keep different stations set up to accomodate this (coloring, bubbles, making mud pies, hula hoops, painting rocks, whatever. . .just fun low-cost summertime activities that kids can move around to at their leisure) You and your daughter can come up with some of her favorite activites. You could even have...
My ds turns 3 on Dec 6. He is still in the crib and we are not planning on moving him anytime soon. He does not try to get out and is not even interested in having a "big boy bed". I was told by many other people to keep him in the crib until HE ASKS for a big boy bed. The only other consideration to have is going to the bathroon in the middle of the night - how does that work for you? If it is working well, I would not bother moving out of the crib.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ophelia Are you sure?? I've had the skin testing done 3 times, twice when I was younger and one just recently, and none of them were pleasant to say the least. They almost made me sick. The latest one was done with some kind of push-pin and it hurt like heck. And I may have to have more done because they didnt' do food which is what I really needed to know. Is this a different skin test that you are talking about where...
Now, Is this tall enough to go in a adult-size toliet or tall enough to go in a kid-size potty chair?
Yeah, my son has exzema, allergies(dairy, wheat, nuts, eggs), and asthma. I would have him tested - its pretty easy. Blood testing means getting poked, but skin testing gives immediate results with no pain.
I hear ya! And boys are even harder!! I go to garage sales, thrift stores, consignment stores, Goodwill to find stuff. Craiglist is great too. But any 2nd hand place takes time to go to sale after sale to find the things you like at the price you like.
I would say to keep the nails trim and filed. Also, redirect to something else when you see that happening. Nose picking is pretty normal at this age, but if it concerns you, see your ped.
My ds is 2 1/2 and almost potty trained - He is beginning to initiate it himself. However, he still sits down. I have shown, gently encouraged, and he has seen his friends standing up - He has even tried it himself out of interest! But the boy can't go. He stands up. . .tries. . .and then sits down. I was wondering what other mothers have done to teach their boy to stand up. He will be attending preschool soon and I don't want him still sitting to pee. (I am...
so funny
I didn't know how to title this. I don't know what to do with my 2.5 year old son when my husband and I need to have an emotional talk - not yelling - just me crying and my husband helping kind of talk. My son always gets worried about me and tries to get in-between my husband and I. This results in the conversation taking longer, everything getting more complicated, and my husband feeling like ds thinks he is the problem, when my husband is just helping. I have...
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