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I would reccomend checking out the Early Reading Company. Many high-end preschools use it, as well as home-schooled families. I use it with my child who is 2.5 with great success. (he already can recognize all upper and lower case letters and knows their sounds) We are currently working on rhyming. I am a former teacher and every strategy it uses is child centric, using positive guidance, and based on quality research on reading development. They have lots of...
I can't get ds to make a "tr" sound. Instead he makes a "f" sound. So truck becomes *uck! Oh well! It's endearing!!
This started when I took my son in the shower with me and washed his hair. The soap ran into his eyes and he started screaming. I immediately picked him up, turned off the water, and carried him out of the shower. This incident has caused him to be afraid of bathtime in general. He screams and wines no when bathtime comes. I have tried every tub, shower, and sink in the house with the same results, even the old baby bathtub that he barely fits into. I have tried not...
Thank you so much everybody
What age would you say this is for?
Has anyone viewed the DVD? It looks interesting. . .but $56? It's definately worth it if it is as good as you all say it is.
Just recently my ds (almost 31 months) has started slapping me and laughing. Today is the first day that it has become a REAL problem, because I cannot count how many times it has happened since morning. In the past, he would slap once when tired or teething, and I would say "gentle touch" and that would be that. Today, he has started laughing after he does it. I have said today, "gentle touch", "hitting hurts", "that makes mama sad", "owie!". I have done this...
I have teacher friends who say that Gentle Discipline only works in one on one or small group situations. That it is not possible in large classroom settings. This seems like a cop out to me. I am sure it is not easy, but to say it is impossible. . . Are there any teachers out there who use this in there own classroom?
This may be contravertal. . . and I don't have a problem with nudity. . .but. . .I don't know if I want my child to remember my naked body when he gets older. . .ya know?:
Wow. . .Thanks everyone. These are great suggestions, really. Thanks for the help. I think I will print this and keep it near.
New Posts  All Forums: